Tear Drop Breast Shape: How to Find the Best Bras for Tear Drop Breasts

Tear Drop Breast Shape: How to Find the Best Bras for Tear Drop Breasts

Every woman’s breasts are unique and beautiful in their way. Understanding your breast shape can help you get that perfect fit when bra shopping; it’s not just about the size. Do you have tear drop breasts? You are not alone; they are a common breast shape with unique characteristics that deserve attention when selecting a bra. In this guide, we’ll delve into what tear drop breasts are, how to determine your breast shape, and how to pick a bra style that will work best with tear drop shaped breasts.

What Are Tear Drop Breasts?

Tear drop breasts feature a gentle slope from the chest to the nipple, with a fuller and rounder bottom and a slightly narrower top. They are similar to bell shapes except rounder. As their name suggests, they resemble the natural silhouette of a tear drop, making them an endeared trait. Tear drop breasts come in different sizes, from small to large, with varying firmness and projection.

How to Measure Your Breast Shape.

Figuring out your breast shape is very easy. First, remove your shirt and bra and stand in front of a mirror. Take a look at your gorgeous self and take note of the shape of your breasts. It would be best to stand up straight or lean forward to take a proper look at your shape.

Check the breast fullness. Measure the distance from one end of a breast to the other, both at the top and bottom of the breast. If your breast tissues veer toward the bottom and are fuller at the bottom than at the top, you have tear drop breasts. In contrast, if the breasts are fuller at the top, you could have slender breasts; if you can’t tell the difference and the nipples point directly forward, you have even rounded breasts.

How Should Bras for Tear Drop Breast Shapes Fit?

You might have experienced cup gaping with full coverage bras if you have a tear drop breast shape. This is because the breasts are heavier and fuller at the bottom and lack tissue to fill out the top of the cup. However, this should not mean compromising your look or feel. No matter your breast type, your bra should provide comfortable support while enhancing your natural shape. For this reason, the best bras for tear drop breasts are ones that lift your breast a little and show off your volume at the top. Some cups offer better contouring and support than others. If you feel your boobs are uncomfortable in the current bra, you might be wearing the wrong bra.

What Types of Bras Work Best with Tear Drop Breast Shapes?

Let’s explore the bra styles that will flatter your tear drop shape and make you feel confident. We understand that you want the best bras to provide more support, lift and shape to your breasts. Here are some of the best bras for tear drop breasts.


24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra

This bra is an unparalleled choice with its smooth cups, unmatched support and comfort, and invisibility under any outfit. The cups have an ultra-thin memory foam for a natural boost, and they hug your breast, complimenting the tear drop shape beautifully.

24/7® Classic Strapless Bra

This is your go-to option when you need to go strapless. It has a no-slip silicone-lined band that will stay in place and offer reliable support all day. The cups are slightly padded for a smooth and rounded shape.

For more bras that will enhance your shape, explore our collection of bras for tear drop breasts!