Plus Size Bras at ThirdLove: Our All Inclusive Sizes, Bra Size Chart & How to Find the Best Plus Size Bra

Plus Size Bras at ThirdLove: Our All Inclusive Sizes, Bra Size Chart & How to Find the Best Plus Size Bra

If you have larger breasts, finding the perfect bra can be a challenge. It’s not easy to perfect the trifecta of comfort, support, and lift. When bra shopping, you may find that bras that offer great coverage and lift often feel constricting and stuffy. On the other hand, those that feel light and comfortable might not offer you the support you need throughout the day. If you’ve been having trouble finding the best plus size bra, look no further! Together, we’ll explore how to measure your size for the perfect fit, and the best plus size bras for every category.

What is Considered a Plus Size Bra?

Here at ThirdLove, we consider bras with a cup size of DD or larger to be plus size. We make this distinction as we realize how important it is to provide additional support, coverage, and lift for those with larger breasts. While we offer all our silhouettes in these larger cup sizes, we made sure to accommodate for the additional support needed through features such as wider bands and additional rows of hook-and-eye closures. When you purchase a plus size bra at ThirdLove, you can be sure that we’ve paid attention to all the details to make the fit as comfortable as possible for each size.

How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Bra for You

Finding the best plus-size bras doesn't need to be complicated. As with all other bras, the first - and most important - step is to find your bra size. We believe that there are limitations to measuring your bra size at home and always recommend that you start by taking our quick online Fitting Room Quiz. You’ll answer a couple of questions based on your current bra, and we’ll match you with the perfect size! If you want to get measured in person, you can also get professionally measured by Fit Stylists at our stores. While measuring yourself with a tape measure is not the most accurate method, if you really want to put your DIY skills to the test, follow along and we’ll show you how to measure your size at home.

Measuring Your Cup Size

To measure your bra size, get a soft measuring tape and wear a non-padded, soft bra.

  • Band Size: First, measure your band size by placing a measuring tape around your ribcage, where your bra band would sit. Hold the tape snug but not too tight. Make a note of how many inches your under-bust is. Add two inches to this measurement if it is even, and add three inches if it is odd. This accounts for the size difference caused by the stretching of the elastic band. This is your band size!
  • Cup Size: Place the measuring tape loosely around the fullest part of your breasts. Make sure that you are standing straight with your arms at your side. Take note of how many inches your bust is. Now, subtract your bust from your band size to find your cup size. If the difference is zero, you have an AA cup. For every inch of difference, your cup size increases by one size. At ThirdLove, we offer half-cup sizes too, so you don’t need to size up or down if you’re in between!
  • bra size chart


    Are Wireless or Underwire Bras Better for Plus Sizes?

    One of the highest priorities of a plus-size bra is to provide ample lift, separation, and support to larger breasts comfortably. Adequate support prevents bad form, back strain, and overall discomfort. While most women with larger cups may feel that they can only wear underwire bras, a well designed wireless bra will also provide you with ample support, so you can truly go off preference. Let’s learn more about wireless and underwire bras to help you decide.


    Wireless and wired bra differences. Pros and cons of wired and wireless bras.


    Pros & Cons of Wireless Bras

    Many wireless bras come in simple alpha sizing (small, medium, large, ect) which are not supportive enough for those with larger breasts, especially those that wear small band and large cup sizes. You may have given up hope on finding a suitable wireless bra, but fret not - a well designed wireless bra can actually be an excellent everyday choice for even those with larger breasts! Our Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra is a great example of a bra that was designed with larger cups in mind. Using Precise Size™ technology, we offer 3 times as many sizes as your average bra retailer does, with + and ++ sizes to accommodate for larger breasts. Try a well designed wireless bra like this, and you will find that it offers plenty of support, lift, and comfort, sans wire.


    • Everyday support
    • Lightweight
    • Maximum comfort


    • Less structure due to absence of wires
    • Less lift compared to wired counterparts

    Pros & Cons of Underwire Bras 

    Underwire bras are excellent for those looking for extra support, smoothing, and lift. Despite popular misconceptions, underwire bras aren’t always pokey or uncomfortable. In fact, find a well designed underwire bra in your perfect size, and you’ll forget that you even have it on.


    • Maximum support
    • Added smoothing and shape
    • More lift


    • Can feel more rigid compared to wireless counterparts

    How ThirdLove is Redefining Bra Sizes

    ThirdLove strives to ensure that every woman finds their perfect fit, paying close attention to size, shape, and comfort. As a result, we carry over 60 sizes, offering every woman the opportunity to look and feel amazing.

    24/7® Perfect Coverage Bra

    This is the holy grail everyday bra for those with larger cups, providing excellent coverage and support without compromising style. Featuring no-slip adjustable memory foam straps, smoothing sides, and comfy poke-free flexible underwire, this bra molds to your shape, ensuring maximum comfort while highlighting your shape.

    24/7® Unlined Minimizer Bra

    This modern minimizer bra is an excellent addition to your top drawer for those moments you want to minimize and smooth your shape. The no-foam cups comfortably reduce your bust by two inches, and it features ultra-smooth and breathable fabric all around. You can also adjust the straps and convert the bra to an X-back for more options.

    ThirdLove's unlined wired minimizer bra

    Sculpting Wireless Minimizer

    The smoothing, sculpting nature of this wireless minimizer bra comfortably reduces your bust by two inches, with the wireless "life zones" offering exceptional support and lift. The lightweight, breathable fabric and the seamless design hide underneath your clothes and keep you fresh all day.

    24/7® Second Skin Unlined Bra

    Looking to highlight your natural shape? This airy, everyday bra is excellent for those who prefer unlined bras. Its foam-free, double-layer cups offer excellent separation and moderate nipple coverage. It’s silky material and flexible underwire truly gives it a barely-there feel.


    Shopping for plus size bras can be tiring, with you walking out of most stores empty-handed. At ThirdLove, we offer 60 different sizes and thoughtfully design our bras for each size so that everyone can find their perfect fit. Chat online with one of our Fit Experts to find the best bra for you!