How to Publicly Wear & Style a Bralette

How to Publicly Wear & Style a Bralette

When you think of a bralette, do you think of a hidden bra or a statement piece for various outfits? 

Bralettes are a popular fashion trend. Considering how cute and comfortable this style is, it’s not hard to see why. With all the varieties available, there's a bralette for everyone (& every outfit). 

Learn how to wear & style a bralette, and get ready to stretch the limits of your wardrobe. 

How are bralettes supposed to be worn? 

Bralettes are extremely versatile clothing items. 

You can wear a bralette as a regular bra, but you don’t have to stop there. 

Bralettes are the perfect bra style to layer with other clothing—and in some cases, you can even wear them as standalone tops. 

The sky's the limit when it comes to wearing and styling a bralette. 


Photo by Ksu&Eli

Can a bralette be worn as a top? 

Yes, you can wear bralettes as tops. 

This is a bold fashion statement that’s perfect for summer. Try pairing a pretty bralette with a nice skirt, or layer it beneath a denim jacket. 

Wearing your bralette as a top is a cute and casual way to stay cool while you’re out and about. 

How To Wear Bralettes As Everyday Outfits

There are countless ways to wear a bralette the next time you’re strapped for options. A few of our personal favorites include the following: 

  • Bralette over shirt
  • Bralette under a sheer shirt
  • Bralette as a crop top
  • Bralette under a tank top

Below is a more detailed overview of each style. Feel free to play around with these ideas, so you can develop a look that’s all you. 

Bralette Outfits

Bralette Over Shirt

The bralette over shirt look is a fun twist on traditional bralette layering styles. The result is an edgy outfit, both cute and modest. 

For example, you might want to layer a black bralette over a white button-down shirt for a fun, contrasting appearance. Or, jazz up one of your plain tops by putting a lace bralette over top. 



Bralette Under a Sheer Shirt

Wearing a bralette under a sheer shirt is another edgy, versatile outfit. The key to pulling off this look is to pay attention to the colors and textures you’re putting together. 

For example, consider a white bralette beneath a sheer pastel-colored shirt paired with your favorite jeans or leggings. Or, wear a sheer shirt that will complement your favorite lace bralette. 

Many people consider this style a great alternative to wearing a camisole beneath your shirt. It offers more freedom of movement and gives a more striking look. 


Photo by Kate Gundareva


Bralette as a Crop Top

Wearing your bralette alone as a crop top is another stylish option that’s perfect for the warmer weather. Create a casual outfit by pairing the bralette with a nice pair of jeans or your favorite summer skirt. 

Bralette Under a Tank Top

One of the latest styles is wearing a bralette beneath a loose tank top with low-cut arms. 

This is the perfect style for showing off that lace bralette. That said, it’s also ideal for racerback, high-neck, or long-line bralettes. 

This casual style is both sexy and wearable.

How do you wear a bralette outfit? 

There are so many potential ways to wear a bralette outfit. The ideas outlined above are only the beginning—you can run with your imagination on this one. Here are just a few things to consider when putting together a bralette outfit: 

Matching vs. Contrasting

Generally, when you’re creating a bralette outfit, you’ll want to match or contrast your bralette with the other elements of your outfit. 

An example of matching would be to wear a bralette that’s the same color or pattern as your pants. Contrasting, however, might look like wearing a patterned bralette beneath a sheer, plain-colored top. 

Have fun with this, and create a bralette style all your own. 

Your Environment

To figure out what you’ll wear, consider the context first. Where will you be wearing the outfit? 

If you’re wearing your bralette outfit out to the park, for example, you might want to wear something breezier and more casual. If you’re going on a first date or meeting up with friends, you might opt for a more stylish and fashion-forward outfit. 

The Season 

Finally, ensure your bralette outfit matches the season you’re in. 

During the spring and summer, for example, consider wearing a bralette as a crop top or under a tank top. When the weather cools down, layer your favorite bralette over a long-sleeve shirt or beneath a denim jacket instead. 


The Best Bralettes 

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