10 Bra Tips We Wish Mom Told Us

Model wearing ThirdLove's Ballet Seamless Stripe T-shirt Bra and Seamless Stripe Bikini

They changed the way we wear bras forever!

We can hear her now: Bring an umbrella. Moisturize your elbows. Hide an extra $20 bill in your wallet—you never know when you’ll need it. Don’t forget your ears when putting on sunscreen. Save for retirement.

Before there were life hacks, there was Mom—shouting at you as you walked out the door or pulling you aside to drop some hard-won knowledge. She’s always been a fountain of life wisdom, but somehow, when it came to bras, we missed out on a few pro tips in our youth. Now that we know them, they’ve changed everything.

Here they are (don’t forget to return the favor and tell mom):




1. Sister sizes.

Did you know your cup size varies based on your band size? A 34C is actually the same cup size as a 36B. It’s true; they’re called sister sizes and knowing this rocked our worlds.

2. A good strapless goes with everything.

Invest in a good strapless bra, since they work with just about any top. The possibilities go far beyond off-the-shoulder tops or dresses, since a good strapless bra (like our 24/7 Classic Strapless) will work with tank tops, sleeveless or boatneck shirts, sweaters—any style where you don’t want bra straps in the mix.

3. Shape matters.

Breasts come in all sizes and lots of different shapes. And when finding a bra that fits, shape matters almost as much as size. Your breasts may be Athletic, Tear Drop or Bell Shape (to name a few), which affects the style and size of bra that’s right for you. Check out our Fit Finder® quiz to learn more.

4. Check in on your fit regularly.

On average, a woman’s bra size changes six times in her life. Six times! To ensure that you’re wearing the right size, you need to be fitted regularly. Take Fit Finder once a year (or more often if you have noticeable breast size fluctuations) to make sure everything’s properly supported.

5. There’s a right way to put on a bra.

Sounds totally obvious, but it’s not. For a good fit, make sure you’re putting on a bra the right way.

6. Stack your bras.

For any bra with molded cups, don’t turn the cups inside out when you put them away or pack them. Instead, stack your bras in your drawer or suitcase so they retain their shape and smooth silhouette.

7. Asymmetry? Totally normal.

Look, no one is completely symmetrical (not even Gisele) so 100% of women have breast asymmetry to some degree. And over 300,000 women who take our Fit Finder Quiz list their breast shape as Asymmetrical, so you’re in good (and beautiful) company. But if asymmetry bugs you, try a bra with removable inserts, like our 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge, and wear just one insert to help even out your breasts.

8. Don’t scrimp on your bra.

You wear a bra more or less every day, and a good bra that fits well really makes a huge difference in your comfort and confidence. Treat yourself to a few really great pieces—not only will you get a great return on your investment, you also totally deserve it.

9. Hand wash. Really.

File this one under, “Mom did tell me, I just never listened.” Hand washing is much gentler than a machine and will help your bras last far longer. But if you just can’t be bothered, at the very least use a lingerie bag in the machine. And, try to never put your bras in the dryer.

10. If the bra fits, wear it. And buy an extra.

A bra that fits perfectly is like a favorite pair of jeans or those shoes that just work with every outfit. You need more than one. Buy a backup or two, and you’ll thank yourself later. Learn how you can build the perfect top drawer here.