How to Store Bras at Home and on the Road

How to Store Bras at Home and on the Road

Whether it’s in your top drawer, or your duffle, there is an art to bra storage. As the bra experts, we’re here to help give your breast friends the royal treatment.

First things first, shoving your favorite bra into an already overly packed top drawer or suitcase is a definite no no. Have we done it before? OF COURSE. Should we have? Probably not.

Remember: better storage, means a longer life for your favorite bras and underwear — plus it’s way easier than you think.

Step 1: Give your bras room to breathe

Like most of us, bras need their space. The best way to store your bras to keep their shape is by standing them up in your top drawer with the cups inside each other — never folded or crumpled. You can also use drawer organizers to separate your bras and help them stand straight on their own.

Step 2: Color Coordinate

To make it easier to find your favorite bra in the perfect shade each morning, consider organizing your top drawer by color from lightest to darkest. Not only will this help keep you more organized, but it will also prevent the colors from rubbing off on each other. Added bonus: who doesn’t love seeing perfect color coordination first thing in the morning?

What about on the road?

When you’re traveling, try to maintain the same bra commandments that you would at home— no folding or crumpling. Instead, lay them out in a drawer or flat surface as soon as you get to your destination, and be as gentle as possible. When you’re packing, remember: maintaining shape is key. If you lay your bras flat, nested inside one another, that should do the trick—you can also put balls of socks inside each cup to prevent any smushing in transit.

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Additional reporting by Emily Piskulick and Kate Kittredge.