What is the pocket in women's underwear for?

What is the pocket in women's underwear for?

The small pocket you sometimes find in women’s underwear is called the gusset. 

The gusset is a piece of fabric sewn into the crotch of the underwear. It has a few different purposes, such as keeping the underwear drier and more breathable. 

While gussets may be a bit odd, they are essential to many types of underwear. Learn more about gussets and what they do, so you have a better understanding of your undies.

What is the purpose of a gusset? 

The pocket in your undies, called the gusset, serves various purposes  to keep you more comfortable and keep your underwear in tip top shape.

Provides Comfort 

The primary purpose of the gusset is to provide comfort.

The gusset provides a breathable and moisture-wicking layer that keeps your sensitive area dry, cool, and ventilated. Not only does this make your underwear much more comfortable, but it also helps to prevent irritation and infections.

In a similar vein, the gusset sometimes serves as a protective barrier against less comfortable underwear materials. For example, gussets are almost always on lace undies to provide additional comfort but are not always necessary on cotton underwear.


Extends Underwear Life

A gusset not only provides comfort but also helps to prolong the life of your underwear. As the gusset is an additional piece of fabric, it provides reinforcement in the crotch area, making more delicate fabrics less prone to getting damaged. This additional piece of fabric also helps to protect the main material of the underwear from any stains or wear.

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Why are gussets open at one end?

There are two types of gussets: open and closed. An open gusset is one that’s sewn in with one of the sides open. A closed gusset has no open side and is sewn fully into the underwear. 

Many underwear manufacturers make women’s underwear with an open gusset to cut costs, as it takes less fabric to sew an open gusset. There is no major difference between open and closed gussets in terms of functionality.

Why do leggings have gussets? 

You may have heard about leggings gussets. Not to be confused with underwear gussets, which are an additional piece of fabric sewn onto the main body of the underwear, leggings gussets are the triangular or diamond-shaped pieces of fabric that make up the crotch area of the leggings.

The main purpose of gussets in leggings are:

  1. Reinforcing the seams. The legging gusset keeps the seams from the front, back, and sides of the leggings from connecting at one point. If the seams were to meet in the crotch area without the buffer of the gusset, the seams would be more likely to tear or rip with exercise. The gusset helps distribute the pressure equally among the different seams, preventing the leggings from ripping open. 
  2. Eliminating camel toe. Legging gussets also help to eliminate camel toe. The piece of fabric sewn into the crotch serves as a flat layer, reducing the appearance of camel toe. This is especially ideal for women who prefer wearing their leggings without panties. 
  3. Providing freedom of movement. The gusset maintains a tight fit while still providing ample freedom of movement. You can get through your workouts with ease, since the leggings’ crotch area is reinforced and designed with flexibility in mind.

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