Unlined Bra vs Bralette: What's the Difference?

Unlined Bra vs Bralette: What's the Difference?

No one wants to compromise comfort for the sake of physical appeal. Luckily, two styles of bras give you both: unlined bras and bralettes

Learn the similarities and differences between bralettes vs. unlined bras, and decide whether they’re right for you.


What Is a Bralette? 

A bralette, also called an unstructured bra, is a style similar in design to a crop top.

Bralettes are typically lightweight and made from breathable materials, and provide a slight lift to your breasts. Additionally, bralettes usually meet these criteria: 

  • Wireless: Most bralettes are wireless, meaning they have no underwire. As a result, they provide less support than traditional bras but are also more comfortable. 
  • Unpadded: Bralettes feature very little to no padding. Allowing the bra to highlight your natural breast shape.
  • Unlined: Bralettes are typically unlined, meaning the bra has no extra layers or padding, resulting in a more intimate and natural fit.
  • Basic sizing: Whereas traditional bras have a wide array of cup-band sizes, bralettes tend to have more basic sizing. For example, you’ll find bralettes in alpha sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. This narrows down your sizing options, making it harder to find the perfect fit – especially for those with big cup, small band ratios.

Bralettes tend to be better suited for women with smaller breasts since they offer less support than traditional bras. That said, anyone can enjoy the benefits of wearing a bralette now and then. 


Benefits of Bralettes

There are many benefits to wearing bralettes, including style, comfort, and their focus on your natural breast shape. 


Bralettes are a stylish option, especially once the warmer weather sets in. They have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why.

You can wear a bralette with just about anything. Many women wear them as a top in the warmer months, while others layer them under tank tops or other clothing items. 

Additionally, bralettes come in various colors, designs, and styles. Some are more simple with solid colors, while others feature lace or prints. Regardless of your fashion tastes, you’re sure to find a bralette that matches your preferences. 


Bralettes tend to be more comfortable and non-invasive compared to traditional bras. This is due to their lack of underwire and padding, as well as the lightweight, breathable materials they’re made from. Many people also appreciate the more relaxed fit that bralettes offer. 

Focus on Shape 

Whereas traditional bras place focus on support, bralettes focus on shape. Most bras lift the breasts and feature extra layers or padding to create more visible cleavage. On the other hand, bralettes change things up by enhancing your natural breast shape and size. 


When To Wear a Bralette

There is no wrong time or place to wear a bralette. This style is perfect for casual hangouts, summertime events, chilling around the house, or going on a date. 

We also recommend experimenting with bralettes if you’re getting bored of wearing the same old bras. Adding a couple of bralettes to your top drawer gives you even more styling options. Let your creativity roam free! 

Purpose of Unlined Bras

A bralette is a type of unlined bra, but not all unlined bras are bralettes. The main purpose of an unlined bra is to maximize comfort while providing adequate support and minimizing additional volume. 

So, what is an unlined bra? An unlined bra has no thick lining or padding and is typically composed of one layer of fabric. Like bralettes, this type of bra enhances your natural breast shape and gives only a subtle lift. Many bra-wearers find unlined bras to be more breathable and comfortable than traditional bras. 

Unlined bras may or may not contain underwire in the fabric. If you’re looking for unlined bras with more support, opt for those with underwire.


Benefits of Unlined Bras

Some benefits of unlined bras include their enhanced support and shape, subtle lift, and lightweight fabric design. 

Great Support & Shape

Unlined bras enhance your natural features while offering a bit more support than the average bralette. 

Many unlined bras have underwire, which allows for more breast support than bralettes. This is especially important for people with larger breasts who may not feel liefted without the underwire. 

Additionally, rather than making your breasts appear larger or fuller, unlined bras accentuate your natural shape and curves. 

Give a Subtle Lift

Like bralettes, unlined bras only provide a slight lift. This differs from standard and push-up bras, which tend to offer significant lift in an attempt to increase cleavage. This subtle lift is perfect for women who want to present more natural curves. 

Less Fabric

Unlined bras have less fabric than traditional bras. Whereas traditional bras have a few layers of fabric in the cups, unlined bras are typically composed of only one layer. This gives the bra an airy, lightweight, and unencumbered feel. This is great for the summer when you want to stay nice and cool.


Wearing Unlined Bras

Unlined bras are a great addition to most women’s lingerie collections. They’re comfortable, enhance your natural breast shape, and offer more support than the average bralette. 

You can wear an unlined bra with almost anything, as well as a top! Keep in mind that since there’s no lining or padding, there’s a greater chance of your nipples showing through. Most unlined bras are designed to prevent this, but it can still happen. However, just because you can see your nipples through your bra, doesn’t mean that they will be visible through your shirt. Try on your favorite tops with your unlined bra to check!

Unlined bras offer less coverage than most traditional bras and some bralettes. The lack of lining gives it a more intimate look and feel, which not everyone is comfortable with. We recommend seeing for yourself whether or not you like the look and feel of unlined bras. 

While unlined bras are a good, stylish option for most people, they tend to be best for those with smaller breasts as they might not provide as much support as some other styles.



Bralettes and unlined bras are both great options for women with smaller chests or those who want to try something different. These styles differ in design, but each one offers a breezy, comfortable, and naturally attractive fit.

At ThirdLove, we believe every woman deserves to own perfect-fitting bras to look and feel amazing. Check out our collection of bralettes and unlined bras to see and feel the difference for yourself.