Everything You Need to Know About Unlined, Lined & Lightly Lined Bras

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Lined or unlined? That is the question. Naturally, we’ve got answers. Shopping for the perfect bra can be tough with all the options. At ThirdLove, we obsess over fit so you look and feel great in every bra you wear. Your bra lining is a huge part of that. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the difference between unlined, lined, and lightly lined bras. Now let’s find your perfect bra.


Unlined Bras

Unlined bras have one layer of lining that’s usually made of a mesh, lace, or stretchy fabric. Unlined bras are free of padding or foam, and should feel like a second skin. This depends on the type of fabric and how it’s designed. The more comfortable the fabric, the less you’ll feel it. Unlined bras can have a sheer or opaque finish, so it depends on your style. You might also ask - do unlined bras have wire? Just like other bras, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't! You can really choose based on the support level that you are looking for.

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Support Level

Unlined bras aren’t necessarily more or less supportive than lined bras. You should get all the support you need based on the design of the bra. The lining of your bra is more about comfort, where the underwire and straps are the hardware that keep your boobs lifted and supported.

You don’t have to choose between a lined and unlined bra for support. You should find the same support in both styles of bra. If you’re choosing between an unlined and lined bra, it’s about comfort. The feel of the fabric against your skin and finding the perfect fit go hand in hand. So try a few unlined and lined styles to decide what feels best for you.


The main benefit of unlined bras is how lightweight they are. If you find that lined bras are uncomfortably hot during the warmer months, try out a breezy unlined bra for airy support. Unlined bras also tend to mold to the shape of your body more than lined bras, which add more shape. If you love the natural shape of your breasts and want to enhance it, unlined is for you. 


We’ve designed better unlined bras that you’ll never want to take off. No itchy seams or scratchy fabrics here! For a comfortable everyday unlined bra, try our 24/7® Second Skin Unlined Bra for a barely-there feel with full support. If you're looking for a breathable minimizer, our 24/7® Unlined Minimizer Bra and Sculpting Wireless Minimizer comfortably reduces your bust by up to 2 inches.


Lined Bras

Lined bras have that extra layer of fabric inside the cup; they come in two categories — traditional lined and lightly lined bras. The light padding or lining on the inside of your bra cups does a few things: it smooths, shapes, and enhances your breasts.

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Support Level

Your bra's support mainly comes from the underwire, band, and straps, so lining actually doesn't play a big role. However, lining does help provide more coverage and shaping to your breasts, so if you're looking for a bra that will help shape your breasts and provide more nipple coverage, a lined bra is what you are looking for.


A lined bra will help provide you with additional coverage, smoothing, and shaping. So if you're looking to enhance your shape, a lined bra will help you achieve just that. There are multiple levels of lining and padding as well, so you can choose a lightly lined one for everyday use, and a more heavily lined or padded one for days you want to boost your cleavage. Additionally, most traditionally lined, padded bras with extra fabric have adjustable or removable pads so you can customize your cleavage, so if you have asymmetric breasts where one is larger than the other, removable padding could help you even your shape out.


We offer a wide range of lined bra styles so you can find one perfect for you no matter your shape or size. Our 24/7® Classic Uplift Plunge Bra is a great option for those that want to customize their cleavage or even out their asymmetric breasts as it contains removable pads. If you have larger breasts and need more support and coverage, our 24/7® Perfect Coverage Bra is considered the holy grail of everyday bras for fuller cups. If you hate wired bras and are looking for a wireless option, our Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra is a great lined option made with Precise Sizing™ for better cup-band fit, even for those with smaller bands and larger cups! 


Lightly Lined Bras

Lightly lined vs lined bras - you might be wondering, what is the difference? Lightly lined bras are still made with a bit of extra fabric lining, it’s just less of it. Lightly lined bras still contain that extra layer of memory foam or similar that offers more coverage, but less so that it feels more lightweight on your body. They might not provide as much cleavage enhancing or smoothing as more heavily lined bras, but are perfect for everyday wear and support.

24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra



Support Level

Lightly lined bras provide just as much support as other bras. As long as the band, underwire, and straps fit your shape, the cups themselves do not play a large role in support, so you can choose lining level based on your comfort!


Lightly lined bras provide the best of both worlds - they keep your nipples hidden, smooth your shape, and provide all day support while feeling airy on your body and staying invisible under clothes. They're perfect for everyday wear when you want a bit more coverage than an unlined bra, but something lighter than a more heavily lined bra.


Our 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra is a perfect example of an ultra lightly-lined style that millions of women (and their boobs) love. Its ultra thin memory foam cups mold to your shape for unmatched comfort and support! It's our #1 style as well as the first bra (ever) to be made in half cup sizes!


Commonly Asked Questions

Will I be able to see my nipples through an unlined bra?

That depends on the fabric that’s used. If your unlined bra is sheer or see through then you’ll likely see your nipples through the cups. While you may see your nipples through the bra itself, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will see your nipples through your clothes. Depending on the fabric, you may see a light outline of your nipples. We recommend trying out a few unlined styles if you’re new to unlined and wear your usual outfit while you do it. That way you can tell whether or not you want more or less coverage around your nipples.

Which bra style is best for everyday?

For us to consider a bra perfect for everyday, it has got to make you look and feel good first. Second, it should also be the most comfortable thing you wear. If you forget it’s there, that’s your winner. You definitely shouldn’t have to think too hard about it either. Good thing we have you covered there with a full line of 24/7 bras you can literally wear 24/7. Whether it’s lined or unlined, we’ve got everyday bras in full and half-cup sizes in both styles. Did you know you can try our T-Shirt Bra before you buy it for 60 days? You totally can.

What is the difference between padded bras and lined bras?

Padded bras are essentially just lined bras. However, when we talk about "padded bras", we typically are talking about more heavily lined bras that feature additional padding in the cups to provide more shaping and volume. Some padded bras feature sewn-in padding and some have removable padding so that you can customize your cleavage and even out your shape. If you're looking to boost volume, a padded bra will be the best choice for you.

Does an unlined bra mean no padding?

Yes - an unlined bra means that there is no lining, and therefore no padding. Those that aren't looking to enhance volume may prefer an unlined bra that lets their natural shape shine.


Key Takeaways

Most of a bra's support comes from the band, underwire, and straps, so you can choose between unlined and lined bras based on the level of coverage and shaping that you want. Most women find a great use for both, so feel free to stock up on different styles and bras with varying levels of lining so that you can customize your look based on that day's mood.

Truth is, most bras suck. We make ones that don’t. You deserve better bras that make you look great in any outfit. Also, you might be wearing the wrong size (over 80% of women are). So take our Fitting Room Quiz and let us get you the perfect fit. If you need some help deciding between lined and unlined styles, just ask a Fit Stylist. We’re happy to help.