Katie Stuart Talks to Us About Bras and Underwear As Self Care

Style and travel blogger, Katie Stuart, modeling ThirdLove's Artisan Lace Balconette Bra in Fern

Whether it’s a cozy corner of our home, the park up the street, or our local coffee shop, we all have that place we go to for a moment of relaxation. ThirdLove reached out to some of our favorite women to learn how they create a sanctuary and personal oasis in their own homes.

A style and travel blogger, Katie Stuart uses breathtaking photography to inspire people to see the world and find beautiful living spaces, temporary or permanent, wherever they might be. An expert in making space and time just for her, on the go and in unfamiliar environments, we talked to Katie about how she practices self-care, relieves stress, and puts herself first.

Style and travel blogger, Katie Stuart modeling ThirdLove's Lace Balconette Bra Rose Gold.
Katie Stuart in ThirdLove’s Lace Balconette Bra in Rose Gold.

What does a “Personal Oasis” mean to you? What’s the vibe?

A clean and tidy place where I can feel relaxed and escape from the busyness of life.

Is there somewhere you go in your home, in your neighborhood, or anywhere, to practice self-care?

My bedroom or the beach.

If you could create your own personal oasis in your home, what would it be? What would it consist of? Walk us through it.

Lots of plants, white, cozy pillows, and blankets — no clutter!

Do you think bras and underwear can play a part in self-care? How so?

For sure! I think if there’s a bra or pair of underwear that makes you feel great about yourself, then that’s self-care right there!

When you’re getting dressed, are there any items you choose that make you feel next-level zen? Is it ever your bra or underwear?

Honestly, my bralettes and seamless underwear! They’re so comfy and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything!

If you could pick the perfect set of ThirdLove bra and underwear that would give you that I-feel-better-than-ever vibe, what would they be? Can you explain why?

The Seamless Lounge Bra & Pima Cotton Thong in Ballet. I LOVE pink, and it’s the color I love wearing the most and feel good in! They also look incredibly comfy!

You can also find Katie on Instagram @wanderabode.