A Look at One of ThirdLove's Factories

A Look at One of ThirdLove's Factories

An unfiltered look at how ThirdLove makes must-have bras and underwear.

Women constructing a ThirdLove bra at a manufacturing factory

When ThirdLove first started in 2013, the company made it a priority to find a manufacturing partner in the US. But we quickly learned of the complexities that came with making a bra, as well as the skill and experience that was required of the bra manufacturers. That, in addition to supplier issues, forced us to outsource help elsewhere.

In 2015, ThirdLove explored partners in Asia, where most lingerie is made, and found manufacturers that are dedicated to delivering the high-quality design details that ThirdLove is known for.

Woman stitching a ThirdLove bra at a sewing machine

One of these ThirdLove manufacturers employs 5,000 team members across its three factories in the Guangdong province of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and its headquarters in Hong Kong. Founded in 1993 by Mrs. Wong (who still runs the company with her daughters), this team specializes in sleepwear and lingerie and is driven by quality, efficiency, design, and sustainability. Most importantly, they put their largely female-dominated workforce first.

This is unique to manufacturing in Asia, as factories are traditionally run by men. Mrs. Wong and her team, however, are dedicated to maintaining a female leadership team and empowering their employees to further their careers.

ThirdLove executives, Ra'el Cohen and Veronique Powell, inspecting a ThirdLove bra at the factory in Asia with the head of the manufacturer, Ms. Wong

Additionally, Mrs. Wong offers a summer school program in which employee families are welcome to stay at the factory throughout the season. Knowing how difficult it is for employees to travel far from their homes for work and to be away from their loved ones, she’s made it possible for employees to stay together in the summer months.

To ensure all our bra manufacturing partners provide good working environments and follow all local labor laws, ThirdLove works with expert third-party auditors to audit factories at least every year. We collaborate with partners to improve working conditions according to internationally accepted standards.

We’re proud to partner with a manufacturer who values its employees and product quality as much as we do.