Mother’s Day Presents You Can Feel Good About Giving

Mother’s Day Presents You Can Feel Good About Giving

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve got moms—and gifting—on the brain. This year, instead of giving the mother in your life yet another bouquet of flowers (that will die within the week), consider giving her something a bit more meaningful that benefits a cause she’s passionate about.

Whether you want your money to go towards female refugees or homeless women around the country, there are countless organizations and products that support causes deeper than profits with great gift options. We’ve rounded up the top gifts you can buy that your mom will love for Mother’s Day—and that you’ll feel good about giving.

1. Everlane’s 100% Human Collection.

If your mom is a cool mom (and not a regular mom), consider gifting her a t-shirt or pullover from Everlane’s 100% Human Collection. For every product sold, Everlane donates $5 to the ACLU, a national organization that defends individual rights. We can’t think of a better way to honor your mom—and moms everywhere!

2. Artifact Uprising’s Paper Goods.

Fact: every mom wants even more pictures of her family. And, the calendars and photo books from Artifact Uprising are cute enough on their own, but it’s their noble mission that piqued our interest. They partner with SKCAC to provide jobs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and a team in Seattle actually assembles all of their Wood Calendars and Wood Block + Prints. Feel good about adding that desk calendar to your cart knowing that you (and mom!) are supporting adults with disabilities around the country.

3. The ThirdLove Mother’s Day Gift Box, in partnership with Every Mother Counts.

Each year, approximately 289,000 women die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. That’s one woman more than every 2 minutes—and up to 98% of these deaths are preventable. For every woman who dies each year in childbirth, 20-30 more suffer from lifelong debilitating complications. So, throughout the month of May, we’re donating 10% of sales from our Mother’s Day Gift Box to Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. Plus, we bet just about every mom could use a new bra and some extra zzz’s this time of year.

4. A Personalized Mother’s Day Candle from The Little Market.

A candle makes a great gift for just about anyone on your list, but one that supports female entrepreneurs and a cause as noble as ending poverty gets an extra thumbs up in our book. Prosperity Candles (sold at The Little Market, one of our favorite curated online shops) invests in women entrepreneurs and allows them to start and expand candle making businesses from the comfort of her own home, with local ingredients. This allows women to escape poverty and conflict around the world. We can’t think of a better thing to be reminded of every time we light our favorite candles!

5. ONEHOPE Wine.

If you’re going to buy wine for your mom, be sure to order it from ONEHOPE Wine. With over a dozen charitable partners, your purchase helps support a wide range of issues, including autism research and environmental conservation. To date, ONEHOPE Wine has provided over 1.5 million meals for those in need, given almost 100,000 people access to medications they need and has planted almost 85,000 trees. Find a cause your mom is passionate about (and a varietal she’ll enjoy sipping on hot summer nights) and add a few bottles to your cart today—just in time for Mother’s Day.

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