6 Reasons To Love Our New Fit Finder®

6 Reasons To Love Our New Fit Finder®

Remember getting fitted for a bra at a department store? We sure do. Miss it? Not a bit. In fact, we disliked everything about the experience—unflattering dressing room lights, handsy salespeople, getting to and from the store—so we decided to fix it. Our Fit Finder® quiz s a better way to size yourself without all those distractions, and ever since we launched it in 2016, we haven’t looked back.

And we’re not alone: over 3 million women have taken our Fit Finder® quiz to uncover the best bra size and style for them, all without ever having to venture into a store. Along the way, we’ve gathered your feedback in order to make an even better Fit Finder experience. And it’s here! A brand new Fit Finder, ready to delve deeper into your fit issues and give you the ThirdLove® size and style recommendation you can trust.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect from our new Fit Finder®—and why each point will help you find your best fit yet:

1. We start with shape.

Breast shape is still at the core of finding a perfect fit. We start there, and we’ll now also ask about your height. Little known fact: your height can affect which bra styles work best for you.

2. Next, we focus on fit.

We’ve collected over 25 million fit insights and one thing is abundantly clear: many of you struggle with not just one but multiple fit issues with your current bras. That’s not okay. To recommend a ThirdLove bra to remedy those, we’ve added in specific questions about how your current bra fits (or doesn’t).

3. It’s personal.

Just because we’ve ditched in-store fittings doesn’t mean we want to get rid of the individualized elements of a bra fitting. To help guide you through the process, we’ve added in personalized fit tips throughout our new Fit Finder®, helping you understand how each of your answers will inform our recommendation.

4. We did our homework on other brands.

If you’ve taken our FitFinder® in the past, you may remember that we asked you the size of your current favorite bra. We ask because we’ve researched the sizing of other bras on the market and how they translate to ThirdLove sizes.

Many of you also told us you have more than one current bra—and more than one size! We hear you, so you’ll now be able to identify multiple brands and sizes. For example, if you wear a Victoria’s Secret 36C and a Natori 34D, we can take what we know about both of those brands to recommend your perfect ThirdLove size.

5. If we don’t have your size, you still have options.

While we’re adding new sizes regularly, but we completely understand how frustrating it can be to go through Fit Finder® to find that we don’t carry your size. Now, if that size is in the works, we’ll let you know when it’s coming. If we don’t have immediate plans to add that size in the future, we’ll add your information to our size waitlist.

As always, please do let us know if there’s a size or style you’d like to see. In fact, the 16 additional sizes we’re adding to our lineup this year were all of the most-asked-for sizes from you!

6. You can pick your Try Before Buying style!

You asked—we listened—and we heard that you’d like to choose from more styles for our Try Before Buying program. Now, if other styles are available in your size, you’ll have the option to pick which style you’d like to try for 30 days. Yet another way to fall in love with our bras!

Since our founding in 2013, we have been fiercely dedicated to providing you with a better bra shopping experience. A crucial part of that is listening to our customers, so please keep your feedback coming. It helps us launch great new products and continually improve the ThirdLove experience, just as we hope our new Fit Finder® helps you—and women everywhere—find your perfect fit.