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#BreakTheMold With Us

The idea for ThirdLove was born out of frustration. I was tired of the choices before me: bra options that amounted to bad and worse. Women wear bras every day, and yet we were settling for ill-fitting, uncomfortable garments and a shopping experience that was a hassle at best.

So we at ThirdLove set out to change that. Our goal was not just to design bras that fit perfectly, but to upend an industry that was clearly out of touch with what women wanted.

Instead of using fit models and prescribed sizes, we spent years collecting measurement data from tens of thousands of real women. The result? Our signature ½-cup sizes. No more trying to make ourselves fit the bra—we made the bra fit us. We quite literally broke the mold on bras, and continue to innovate to create impeccable-fitting garments for real women.

At ThirdLove, breaking the mold is more than a design challenge, it’s at the heart of our company—and our personal—philosophy.

We are continually inspired by women who are defining their own destinies, rejecting the limits of social norms and embracing the beauty of diversity. Because each time a woman raises her hand or raises her voice—each time the mold is broken—it makes a little more space for us all to thrive.

We’re proud to kick off our #BreakTheMold series to give voice to these powerful ideas. Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing stories of women who inspire, uplift and challenge us. Women who, most importantly, remind us to look for strength in the closest of places: within ourselves.

We hope you’ll join us.

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