Mood Music: The Eyelash Lace Playlist

Woman dancing happily with arms up while wearing ThirdLove's Eyelash Lace Demi Bra in Atmosphere

Mood Music features tunes to pump you up, slow you down, or just enjoy.

Let’s say this together: you should come first. It’s time for women everywhere to look in the mirror and be OK with prioritizing you, your happiness, and your enjoyment. That’s why we created the Eyelash Lace Collection. Lace bras reimagined, we wanted to give you a moment of enjoyment every time you got dressed. A mirror moment to look yourself in the eye and be like, “You are badass and I love you for it.”

Feel Good Songs For Your Enjoyment

But as always, bras and underwear only take you so far (don’t get us wrong, they definitely take you a significant part of the way), but the rest is up to you. Inspired by our Eyelash Lace Collection, we wanted to give you a little music to help you really feel what you are putting out there. A compilation of our favorite songs to dance to, sing to, or just vibe to as we walk to work, these are our feel-good favorites.

So let go. Give yourself a pat on the back, maybe break out a dance move in your Eyelash Lace Demi Bra or Eyelash Lace Plunge and give yourself a moment of enjoyment with our Eyelash Lace playlist.


Fall in love with the Eyelash Lace Collection below.