Mood Music: The Power Suit Playlist

Woman modeling ThirdLove's Mesh Balconette Bra under a plaid blazer

Mood Music features tunes to pump you up, slow you down, or just enjoy.

The big day is here. The important meeting, the time to shine, the make-or-break moment, and you’re putting on your power suit.

As a bra and underwear company, we of course believe that the perfect power suit starts with a solid set of bra and underwear, which is why we created our Modern Mesh Collection. Delicate geometric design with bold stripe detailing, these bras and panties are made for your strongest look yet, no matter what you put on top of them. But we aren’t afraid to admit that confidence comes from somewhere deeper, a mindset.

A music playlist that empowers you

To help you get there, we put together some tunes to get you in the mood, to a place where you feel like your most confident self.

So here it is. Listen in, get pumped, and seize the day:


Discover your strongest look with our Modern Mesh Collection. For more music, listen to our shining selection of songs in our Matte and Shine Playlist.