Athletic Breasts: What They Are & Best Bras for Athletic Breast Shape

Athletic Breasts: What They Are & Best Bras for Athletic Breast Shape

One size certainly does not fit all when understanding and celebrating our unique bodies. If you are one of the women who identify with having athletic breasts, we are here to help you work around the challenges that come with trying to find the perfect bra. Despite their name, athletic breasts are as common for women who sweat it out in the gym as they are for non-athletes. Let us explore what defines athletic breast types, the importance of supportive bras, and how to choose the perfect bra style for your athletic breast shape.


What are Athletic Breast Types?

Athletic breasts are so named because they are more frequent in persons with athletic builds - but you don't have to be a terrific athlete to get them! Essentially, athletic breast shape features wider, more muscular breasts with less tissue. This makes them feel firmer and perkier. Athletic breasts are flatter and not as round as other breast types, with their broader base and more prominent ribcage. This means they are often on the smaller side. Because of these factors, athletic breasts seldom require a lot of support.

However, those with athletic boobs struggle with finding the bra with the perfect fit. Cup gaping tends to be a common issue for women due to the lack of volume up top, which leaves many feeling frustrated and unsupported.


Importance of Supportive Bras for Athletic Boobs

Finding a supportive bra for athletic breasts cannot be overstated. It is not only an issue of aesthetics but also of health, wellness, and comfort. The right bra will lift and support your breasts, minimizing cup gaping and ensuring that the breasts sit comfortably in the bra without discomfort. 

People who have athletic breasts may also complain that their underwires dig in all the time. This is because the root of this breast (where it joins with the chest) is relatively wide, and the underwire's curvature is often designed for a narrower breast. It may sit on top of or press into the side of the breasts. Finding the right bra is, therefore, necessary for a comfortable fit.

Finally, while this may not be a fit issue as such, some with the athletic breast shape may desire a rounder, fuller look, which a bra can certainly help with.


Choosing the Right Bra for Athletic Breasts

Several bras are designed to suit different breast shapes, sizes, and preferences. For athletic breasts, we recommend bras that shape and lift the breasts' volume from the base so that there is less cup gaping at the top. We have curated a list of the best bras for athletic breast shape:


24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

This bra is a wardrobe staple for nearly any breast shape, especially for the athletic breast type. It has a seamless design and ultra-thin memory foam cups that mold to your breast shape, creating a naturally rounded shape. You can finally say goodbye to cup gaping.


24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge Bra

This plunge bra is an excellent choice for athletic breast shapes. It helps accentuate your cleavage, and the deep 'V' neckline helps showcase it. The bra has removable pads that can help add some volume and lift your breasts to give you a fuller look. Finally, now you can show off some cleavage. Moreover, you can customize and show as much or as little as you would like with the removable pads.


Form 360 Fit Wireless Bra

If all you want is a fantastic fit and ultimate comfort, choose a wire-free bra with no digging underwires. The Form Fit Wireless Bra is a comfortable bra that will offer sufficient support for your athlete's breasts. It is built with precise sizing to give you the perfect fit and built-in foam cups with the support you need. 


Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra

For those days when you are hitting the gym or breaking a sweat with your favorite workout, the Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra is your trusty companion. Perfect for your active lifestyle, this sports bra is engineered to support athletic breasts during high-impact activities. The moisture-wicking fabric, adjustable multiway straps, and back closure make it a must-have for your workout wardrobe.


Sizing & Fit Guide

To find the best bra for your breast shape, you need to know your accurate bra size and fit. The key here is finding a bra that hugs you in all the right places without squeezing the life out of you. Use our online Fitting Room Quiz to get your accurate size. The quiz is tailored to cater to your unique personal style, and in case you have more specific questions, you have access to expert fit stylists for more specific questions. 

Athletic boobs are beautiful and unique and deserve nothing less than supportive, comfortable, and flattering bras. At ThirdLove, we have a wide range of bras designed specifically for athletic breast types and other breast shapes. If you choose the best bras for athletic breasts, you can easily flatter your curves and achieve the look you crave. Whether you are looking for a bra for everyday wear, special occasions, or sports and exercise, we have you covered.