How To Choose The Best Sports Bra Based On Bra Size & Activity

How To Choose The Best Sports Bra Based On Bra Size & Activity

Whether you enjoy low impact activities like yoga and walking, or prefer high impact workouts like CrossFit and running, a sports bra is a must. But in order to reap all the benefits of a wearing sports bra, you need to wear the perfect size. So, how should a sports bra fit? Continue reading to learn more!


Sports Bra Size Chart

At ThirdLove, you don’t need to rely on a size chart to help you determine your perfect sports bra sizing. While most brands offer generic XS-XL cup sizes, we believe that this sizing system simply doesn't cut it. You shouldn’t have to bounce around in a sports bra that is too loose, or feel suffocated in one that is too tight. Our high impact sports bras feature regular cup-band sizes so you can experience the best fit and support. We offer an easy online Fitting Room Quiz that you can use as a sports bra size calculator to find your perfect size in minutes! Or, if you have a measuring tape at home and would like to put your DIY skills to the test, follow along to learn how to determine your cup and band size.


How To Measure Band Size

To measure your band size, you need to use a soft measuring tape - put it around your body just below the breast where the band would naturally sit. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight to the point where it is uncomfortable. Add 2 inches, if you end up with an even number and 3 inches, if the number is odd. This is done because the elastic band size is different when it’s stretched or relaxed.


How To Measure Cup Size

To determine your cup size, take a soft measuring tape and put it around your bust at its widest part (for most women this is at the nipples). Once you have your bust measurement, subtract your band measurement from it, and what’s left determines your cup size. 0 inches is considered an AA cup, and from there, each inch equals a larger cup size. So 0 is an AA cup, 1 is an A cup, 2 is a B cup, and so forth.


How Supportive Should Sports Bras Be?

For hassle-free wear and maximum support, your bra needs to be snug to prevent your breasts from bouncing around. To find the best sports bra, you should consider the size of your breasts and the type of activity you’re doing. Women with smaller breasts and those engaged in light activities such as pilates or walking can opt for a low impact sports bra. Those with bigger breasts would greatly benefit from wearing a high impact sports bra, especially if they partake in running, jumping, and HIIT training.


Sports Bra Impact Levels Explained

At ThirdLove, we’ve created a collection of sports bras that covers all your needs. Our sports bras range from low to high impact, offering different levels of support so you can enjoy your favorite sports. Read on to learn more about how to choose the right sports bra for your activity!


Low Impact

If you’re having a relaxed day, doing some morning yoga or long steady walks, you don’t need a sports bra with heavy support. A lightweight sports bra should be enough to keep you comfortable while keeping your breasts in place. Think pullover sports bras with removable cups and breathable fabrics for extra comfort.


Medium Impact

Medium impact activities like cycling and hiking cause more breast movement and require sports bras that offer more support. Look for sports bras with a defined cup structure that would gently hold each breast and comfortably compress them in place.


High Impact

If you’re looking for the best sports bra for larger busts, then you might want to opt for high impact sports bras regardless of the activity. Workouts like running, jump roping, and kickboxing are high impact and require sports bras with maximum support, regardless of cup size. Look for bras with wide adjustable straps, molded cups, and a comfortable snug band to keep your ladies from bouncing while you train.


ThirdLove's Flex Medium Impact Sports Bra

Best Low Impact Sports Bras

Our Flex Seamless Racerback Sports Bra features a sleek design with knit zones to sculpt your breast and provide you with enough support. It’s a comfortable wireless bra that is perfect for wearing all day long and will support you through any low or medium impact activities.


Best Medium Impact Sports Bras

Being a low to medium impact sports bra, the Flex Seamless Racerback Sports Bra is also suitable for activities that require more energy and movement. It has enough compression to hold your breasts in place and removable cups that allow you to customize the look and feel of this sports bra.


ThirdLove's Kinetic High Impact Sports Bra

Best High Impact Sports Bras

Get all the compression and support you need with our Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra created especially for high impact activities and for those with larger breasts. This sports bra design features wide adjustable straps that can be styled x-back for even more support, a wide comfortable band, and wireless built-in cups that would hug your breasts like second skin. Coming in cup-band sizes, you’ll never have to settle for an ill-fitting sports bra again.


Whether you enjoy gentle movement, relaxing yoga, or HIIT workouts, wearing a sports bra is a must. Depending on your cup size and workout preferences, you can choose bras with different levels of support. At ThirdLove, we made sure that every woman can find the perfect sports bra size and athletic wear. Because you deserve to look and feel great no matter what you do!