How to Fold Underwear of All Types

How to Fold Underwear of All Types

How To Fold Underwear of All Types

Folding your underwear is a fantastic way to better organize your underwear drawer, create more storage space, and foster a sense of mindfulness. Together, let’s learn about different underwear folding methods and how to execute them—your undies drawer will thank you for it.


Should underwear be folded?

While folding your underwear is technically unnecessary, doing so can provide many benefits.


Helps With Organization

Everyone has been there: opening their underwear drawer to find complete disarray. Folding your underwear is a great step towards getting—and keeping—things organized. Panties that have been neatly folded take up less space and are easier to arrange so you can easily find the pair you’re looking for every time.


Increases Available Space

Not only will your drawer look less cluttered, but you will also be able to fit in more undergarments and make better use of the space that you have.


Fosters Mindfulness

Folding your underwear is an intentional act that fosters mindfulness. Rather than throwing your underwear into a drawer after the wash cycle, you’re taking the time to take care of them. Small acts like this can have an overall positive impact. Taking care of the things you own and your space could translate to taking care of yourself.


The Importance of Learning How To Fold Underwear

Learning how to fold underwear is a life skill that will make everyday storage and packing for travel easier. Taking the time to fold and organize your undies can also help you take inventory of what you have, which ones can go, and which styles you may want to add.



The Best Way To Fold Underwear To Save Space

There are several underwear folding methods, each one best suited to different types of underwear or storage purposes.


The Square Method

The easiest way to fold your underwear, the square method will help you quickly organize your top drawer. This method of folding is extremely versatile as it easily works for all styles of underwear, from bikinis to hipsters, thongs, and even boyshorts.

  1. Lay undies on a flat surface, face up, with the waistband at the top
  2. Fold in half vertically, crotch to the waistband
  3. Fold the left and right sides to the center so that the result is a rectangle
  4. Fold in half, horizontally, so that you are left with a smaller, neater rectangle


The KonMari Method

Marie Kondo’s folding technique will help your underwear stand upright in your drawer, helping to save space and make finding the right pair of underwear a snap. This method works best for undies with more coverage, such as briefs, since more fabric provides the stability needed for the underwear to stand upright.

  1. Lay undies on a flat surface, face up, with the waistband at the top
  2. Fold in half vertically, crotch to the waistband
  3. Fold the right side to the left, two-thirds of the way
  4. Fold the left side to the right edge so you’re left with a neat rectangle
  5. Fold in half vertically again so that the underwear can stand upright


The Roll Method

Another simple way to fold and store your underwear, the roll method will help compact your underwear and save you a lot of space. Equally as versatile as the square method, the roll method can easily be used on all styles of underwear.

  1. Lay panties on a flat surface, face up, with the waistband to the right
  2. Fold in half horizontally, crotch to the waistband
  3. Fold the panties in half vertically, so that the two sides of the underwear meet each other
  4. Roll away from you into a tight cylinder


The Egg Roll Method

Called the “egg roll” method because it resembles an egg roll, this more complicated folding method will help keep your underwear folded and is perfect for traveling. This method works best with underwear with back coverage, as that fabric will help form and contain the egg roll shape.

  1. Lay panties on a flat surface, face up, with the waistband at the top
  2. Fold from waistband to crotch three times in narrow, equal folds - you should have about an inch of fabric left at the bottom once you are done
  3. Flip over the underwear so that the back side is now facing up
  4. Fold the two sides of the underwear to the center
  5. Fold the fabric left at the bottom up
  6. At the bottom, there will now be a pocket
  7. Place your thumbs into that pocket and flip the panties inside out to form a tight bundle


How do you pack underwear in a suitcase?

When you’re packing your underwear to travel, you will likely want to use a method that helps save as much space as possible. Simplify to: The roll method is a common, easy way to pack undies; however, the egg roll method may work better at keeping your undies folded in place. Whichever method you choose, you can’t go wrong as both will help you compact your luggage and make it easy for you to spot which underwear you need.