Her Story: Stephanie - To Each, Her Own

Her Story: Stephanie - To Each, Her Own


There’s more to all of us than meets the eye.

To Each, Her Own is a celebration of who women actually are — not who they’re told to be. Our series, Her Story, is a chance to get to know more about the women who inspire us with their strength and vulnerability.

Meet one of them ahead.

Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth, 29, style blogger

TL: How would you describe yourself in three words?

SLH: “Romantic, Excitable, Thoughtful.”

TL: What’s something most people might not assume about you at first glance?

SLH: “I am a sentimentalist, which also makes me a hoarder. My husband and I are working on separating that!”

TL: What quality do you love most about yourself?

SLH: “I’m a very optimistic spirit and that’s probably the biggest reason I live a life I love.”

TL: When do you feel most beautiful and/or confident?

SLH: “Just after my morning routine, which includes cleansing my face, a simple beauty regimen, and brewing my pot of tea. I’d light my favorite candle and get situated in front of my window at my desk and it’s when I feel my very best for the day.”

TL: When and where are you happiest?

SLH: “I’m happiest in my home that I call my sanctuary. ”

TL: If you could give your younger self advice, what would you tell her?

SLH: “I’d tell her that every little step in life is leading you towards greater things. Every lesson is worth learning and nothing is a waste of time. The odd job or breakup is just a part of the path to your happiness.”

TL: What’s the top song on your playlist right now?

SLH: “I Fall in Love Too Easily – Chet Baker.”

TL: What does To Each, Her Own mean to you?

SLH: “Her happiness is unique and independent of anyone else’s feelings and opinions. What makes her happy is something no one can take away.”

TL: What is your motto?

SLH: “Speak up and the universe will hear you.”

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