It's Time to Stand Against Victoria's Secret's Standard of Beauty

It's Time to Stand Against Victoria's Secret's Standard of Beauty

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is more than just an annual televised event featuring the brand’s stunning roster of Angels. It represents Victoria’s Secret’s narrow ideals of beauty that are marketed to men but sold to women in wings. Its definition of aspirational is unrealistic and disappointing, and we refuse to allow our daughters to grow up learning that there is only one version of beautiful or sexy.

ThirdLove has partnered with Australian supermodel and mom Robyn Lawley to take a stand against this year’s VS Fashion Show. In hosting “the biggest fashion show in the world,” we believe the brand has a responsibility to represent models of all shapes and sizes — not just those who’ve continued to grace the runway year after year.

We encourage you to sign Robyn’s petition on and boycott this year’s Fashion Show with us to send a message to VS. For every Instagram post that features the #WeAreAllAngels hashtag, we will donate one bra to one of our bra donation partners.

Join our efforts to urge Victoria’s Secret to celebrate diversity and inclusivity on runways and beyond. Beauty comes in all ages, ethnicities, and body types — and it’s time we hold VS accountable. #WeAreAllAngels

#WeAreAllAngels. Join the movement:

  1. Sign the petition!
  2. Encourage your friends not to tune in or attend the VS Fashion Show.
  3. Use the hashtag #WeAreAllAngels to share what makes you uniquely beautiful and tag @robynlawley and @thirdlove.