All Day Comfortable Underwear & Bra Matching Sets Just Launched At ThirdLove!

All Day Comfortable Underwear & Bra Matching Sets Just Launched At ThirdLove!

The Bra Experts have your booty covered too. Our newest underwear style is the undies for all-day, everyday comfort. Feeling silky smooth and barely there, it will be the final piece to your 24/7® fit.

Learn more about our newest undies and match them with your favorite 24/7® bra.


Why Comfort Matters When It Comes To Your Undergarments

While you may be more familiar with our 24/7® bra collection, we want to be sure that our crowd-pleasing comfort reaches your bum as well. 

Comfortable underwear should be the foundation of your outfit. While you won’t see it for the majority of the day, you’ll be able to feel the difference. Staying comfy is important, however, a quality pair of underwear can also work wonders on self-esteem. No one wants to feel frumpy due to underwear that rolls and digs. No matter your outfit choice, feel your absolute best from the very first layer.


Key Features of Comfortable Underwear & Bras

If you’ve been bra and underwear shopping, you’ve probably discovered that not all first-layer pieces are created equal. When it’s time to shop, here are some key features you should be on the lookout for.


The Fabric

When it comes to looking for quality underwear, what it’s made from is an easy starting point. Premium fabrics can feel better on the skin and last for many more wears – keeping your skin (& wallet) happy. 

For those looking for a barely-there, cool-touch feel, microfiber can be a match made in undie heaven. Microfiber stays smooth and flat without digging or rolling. This fabric is also a great option due to its moisture-wicking abilities, keeping lingering moisture at bay. 


The Fit

Once you’ve decided on the fabric that makes your skin the happiest, it’s time to look at the fit. 

Many people with underwear woes complain of binding, rolling, and bunching. These are all no-gos when it comes to a new pair of underwear. It’s important to find a fit that compliments your body, keeping you comfortable and confident all day long. 

With these two major factors in mind, the best comfortable underwear is our newest 24/7® Underwear. Made with cool-touch, lightweight microfiber, these undies are barely there and silky smooth. 


The Style

Once you have the fabric and fit you desire, the final piece to the underwear-shopping puzzle is the style. Every style has its purpose and can work perfectly for specific outfits or occasions. Learn more about some of the common undies styles below. 



While lovingly referred to as “granny panties”, briefs offer ample coverage of your hips, butt, and sometimes lower stomach while highlighting your natural shape. 



A blend between a boyshort and a bikini, this style offers a bit more coverage on the leg-line but still sits a few inches below your natural waistline. Commonly loved for enhancing natural curves.



This style is considered best for underneath tight dresses and fitted pants, and specifically for occasions that you don’t want any panty lines to show.


Barely-There All Day Comfort 24/7® Underwear

When it comes to the perfect pair of underwear, something that’s so comfortable you barely feel it may seem like something you only dream about. Well, we’re here to say we’ve made your dreams come true. Our new 24/7® Underwear is your next go-to for all-day comfort. The lightweight microfiber has a cool-touch feel and lays flat, making it the perfect smooth underwear.

The Details

  • Cool-touch, silky, lightweight microfiber
  • No-roll, flat finish waist and legs
  • Breathable cotton gusset 
  • Scratch-free tagless label

Available in brief, hipster, and high-waist thong. Shop all here. 


Feel Your Best with Matching 24/7® Bras

The 24/7® Underwear (of course) pairs perfectly with our 24/7® bras. 

Bras are our bread and butter, so we’ve got everyday bras down to a science. Whether you're looking for a second skin feel or a full coverage moment, we have style solutions for all bodies and outfits. 

Before developing our 24/7® Bra Collection, we were just as frustrated as you when bra shopping. So many bras either lacked the comfort or style (oftentimes, both) we desired – that’s why we decided to make better, more comfortable bras

Thought a bra couldn't be so comfy you’re not rushing to take it off? Think again. All of our 24/7® bras are made to be worn – you guessed it – 24/7.

Now, the 24/7® collection has been made even better with matching undies, making the 24/7 power suit officially complete!


Smooth & Silky Bra and Underwear Sets at ThirdLove

When it comes to keeping you comfortable and confident, that’s what ThirdLove does best. Many people have common bad experiences when it comes to bra and underwear shopping, and we’ve aimed to change that. With bras and underwear made to complement and enhance your body, ThirdLove isn’t just any lingerie company. All of our bras and undies are made with premium fabrics and luxe details that provide the support you need while having the comfort (& style) you crave. Be sure to shop all of our available styles and shades to make sure you never go without a great first layer – because your boobs & butt deserve the best. 

Unsure of your size, we’ve got you covered. Take our Fitting Room Quiz to find your perfect fit. Plus, get style recommendations from our stylists.