10 2023 Fall Fashion Trends To Keep Your Eye Out For

10 2023 Fall Fashion Trends To Keep Your Eye Out For

It is another time to bid farewell to the scorching summer sun and welcome the crisp autumn breeze; it is also time to revamp your wardrobe with the latest and greatest fall fashion trends in 2023. Fall fashion is all about embracing cozy layers, rich colors, and a touch of edginess. Whether you are looking for a cozy sweater, a sleek leather jacket, or a matching bra and panty set, we'll guide you through the 2023 top 10 fashion trends and how you can effortlessly incorporate them into your daily style.


1. Sustainable Fashion

First on our list is the evergreen trend of sustainable fashion. In recent years, eco-consciousness has been on the rise, and one of the biggest trends in 2023 has been choosing clothes made from eco-friendly materials with low environmental impact. The fashion industry has been striving towards a greener future, but guess what? It is not all about the planet; you can find chic and unique pieces that look and feel great. At ThirdLove, we're proud to offer beautiful and comfortable organic cotton bras and underwear check out our Organic Cloud Cotton Collection.


2. Moody Hues

This fall, forget about the bright, bubbly summer colors. Match the season's mood with muted warm neutrals and richer hues perfect for the fall. Find inspiration in fall leaves as the primary hues for your fall outfits. You could also mix and match shades of the same color for a trendy and flattering monochromatic effect. 


3. Leather Everything

Leather is a classic material that always stays in style; this fall, it's making a bold comeback. Whether it's leather pants, skirts, or jackets, leather adds a touch of edginess to any outfit. It's the fabric that can transform you from mild-mannered to fiercely fashionable in an instant. Leather is versatile and can be paired with different fabrics and prints for contrast. 


4. Oversized Sweaters

Nothing says fall like a cozy and oversized sweater; who doesn't love that cozy comfort? This fall, they are taking center stage. These knits are perfect for chilly days and even chillier nights. However, oversized sweaters are not only comfortable but also fashionable. They are perfect for staying warm while looking effortlessly chic. You can rock your oversized sweater with jeans or leggings for a casual outfit or with a skirt or dress for a more feminine touch. You could layer it over a shirt or blouse for extra warmth.


5. Matching Undergarments

One of the easiest ways to feel confident and sexy is by matching your outfits with those luscious, matching bra and panty sets. Nothing says "I've got my life together" like a perfectly coordinated undergarment ensemble. With ThirdLove, you can choose from various styles and colors to match your mood and outfit for the perfect autumn style. We offer women’s bras in a variety of fabrications and silhouettes, along with matching undies. Whether you love the subtle and elegant or the bold and sassy, with ThirdLove, we have matching bra and panty sets that will allow you to embrace this timeless trend.


6. Statement Coats

As the temperatures drop, you'll need a coat to keep warm and cozy. But why settle for a boring coat when you can make a statement with one? Enter the statement coat; it is a coat with personality and flair. From bright colors, bold prints, faux fur, or interesting shapes, a statement coat is an eye-catching piece that can elevate even the simplest looks. You can stand out from the crowd and make a fall-style statement with them.


7. Vintage Revival

If you are a lover of retro styles and the nostalgia they bring, you'll love the 2023 revival fashion trend that is happening. Everything old is new again, and vintage-inspired fashion is making a big comeback this fall. Think flared pants, flowy blouses, nostalgic prints, etc.; inspirations from the past decades that are being incorporated into the modern look. Some vintage elements you could try out this fall are corduroy pants, plaid blazers, puff sleeves, midi skirts, and pearl accessories for timeless elegance. Mix and match different vintage pieces for the best of both worlds or go on an entire retro look.


8. Plaid Patterns

Plaid is a fall staple that never loses its charm, and this year is no different. Whether it's a skirt, blazer, or dress, plaid always adds a touch of sophistication. You can use it to add color and dimension to your outfit and create a classic vibe. Plus, you can find plaid in different colors and sizes that suit your taste and mood.


9. Edgy Accessories

Accessories are the cherry on top of any outfit, and this fall, you can spice up your look with edgy accessories that will add some fun and attitude. Edgy accessories like chunky chains and bold belts have become a vogue in 2023. You can express your style using these accessories and add interest to your outfit. 


10. Tailored Suits

You can't go wrong with a tailored suit to look sharp and professional this fall. However, tailored suits aren't just for the office but a chic choice for all fashion. Whether rocking a classic black blazer and trousers or experimenting with bold colors, a well-fitted suit exudes power and confidence. To get more versatile, mix and match different pieces of your suit.


Best Bra Styles for Everyday Wear

Now that you know the top fall fashion trends of 2023 to keep your eye out for, let's talk about the best bra styles to wear with them. At ThirdLove, we understand that comfort and support are non-negotiable, so we have you covered with the best bra styles for everyday wear. Starting with the Classic T-Shirt Bra, which is the ultimate everyday bra. The Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra is there for you when you need a wireless option. And for the days you feel sassy, the 24/7® Classic Uplift Plunge Bra gives you a sexy, flattering cleavage without compromising comfort. 


Fall styles are all about maintaining an outstanding look and comfort. However, the foundation of every great outfit is the right innerwear. At ThirdLove, we're dedicated to providing bras and undies that comfort and complement your style.