6 Styles of Women's Underwear & How To Choose Which Is Best For You

6 Styles of Women's Underwear & How To Choose Which Is Best For You

Underwear is an everyday necessity that can make or break your day. The style you choose can either make you feel uncomfortable in your outfit or boost your confidence for the rest of the day. With a wide variety of styles, it can be difficult to decide which underwear silhouette best suits your needs. Let's explore six types of women’s underwear and discuss which is best for your outfit of choice. Read along to learn how to choose the perfect pair of underwear for you.


Women's bikini underwear.

1.  Bikini

The first on our list is a common favorite: bikini underwear. With its low rise, full coverage back, and high cut on the legs, it is super comfortable and can be worn with a multitude of outfits. 

You can wear it with low-rise jeans, dresses, shorts, or skirts. In fact, you can wear bikini undies with almost every outfit, making it an all-time favorite style of women's underwear. Keep different colors and styles of bikinis handy in your underwear drawer as you can never go wrong with them.


Women's hipster underwear.

2. Hipster

Hipsters are commonly known as hip huggers as they sit comfortably on your hips. The seamless finish and low-rise back of a hipster make it super comfortable to wear with a variety of figure-hugging clothes. Its seamless finish makes sure that there are no awkward panty lines. 

Hipsters have a lower cut on the leg line than bikini underwear, but with its low-rise back, it is ideal for wearing with your favorite low-rise pants. With the right amount of coverage, it's also an excellent choice for everyday wear.


Women's thong underwear.

3. Thongs

If a seamless look is most important to you, a thong is your best friend, thanks to its minimal coverage. This silhouette comes in a wide variety of fabrications to fit any taste or occasion – lace, cotton, lined, unlined, you can find it all.

This silhouette is great for everyday wear and is perfect for underneath any tight clothes. With its light fabric, minimal cut, and barely-there feel, you can move on with your day with sheer confidence.

It also exuberates sexiness and goes hand in hand with your party wear or summer dress.


Women's brief underwear.

4. Brief

A brief is an excellent choice if you're looking for more coverage and a snug fit. They provide optimum support to your bum while keeping everything smooth under your favorite dress. Seamless briefs are a great choice to wear under your form-fitting suits and pants.

While some may comically refer to these undies as "granny panties", it's still a great choice to wear under more sexy clothing like a sheer dress. With its high waist and optimal coverage, you can also wear it with your all-time favorite mom jeans. 


Women's boyshort underwear.

5. Boyshort

Boyshorts are super comfortable, like boxers. They can be worn as underwear or fashionably worn on their own as loungewear.

Boy shorts are ideal to wear under skirts and short dresses, especially on breezy days. They help ensure that you don't flash more than you might like to strangers passing by.

Boyshorts are also great companions for your walking trips as it provides a barrier between your thighs, absorbing sweat and minimizing the chances of thigh chafing.


Women's shapewear underwear.

6. Shapewear

Shapewear is ideal for women of all shapes and sizes, giving many a boost of confidence without compromising on comfort.

Shapewear is available in many different underwear styles to beautifully contour and support your mid-area. You can opt for long shorts or shorties if you want additional support and high coverage or thongs if you are looking for minimal lines.

You can wear shapewear with any dress or outfit. Make sure to select shapewear in complementing colors. If you're going for shapewear to wear under a tight dress, make sure to pick one that is seamless.

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