10 Reasons You Should Add More Color to Your Bra Drawer for Spring

10 Reasons You Should Add More Color to Your Bra Drawer for Spring

We’ve all been there: the dreaded bra rut. If you’re like most women, you probably reach for either a nude or black bra in the morning, and you hardly stray from your most worn neutral pieces.

But it’s time to give those old nude bras a rest (which, let’s be honest, you’ve probably had for years) and work some much-needed color therapy into your bra drawer.

Here are 10 of the top reasons all of us at ThirdLove are working more color into our bra drawers this spring:

1. Spring is the season to refresh.

Take advantage of the “spring cleaning” mindset and get to it! There’s no better time to clear out the clutter, clean out those closets and move on to a better (and brighter) future. The time is now — seize the day! Odds are you have at least one nude bra that’s got to go — why not opt for color when you replace it?

2. It’s on-trend to show a little peek of lingerie.

We’re definitely not one to shy away from showing a little peek of your bra underneath your favorite tank or blouse, and it just so happens this look is #trending. Colorful bras are great pieces to show underneath or through a loose, flowy blouse — don’t be afraid to show a little skin (or a pop of color) as the weather heats up. Think of it as a part of your outfit, or an accent color when you’re wearing a neutral ensemble.

3. It’s a nice (subtle) way to incorporate color without really wearing color.

Not super comfortable heading into the office in a bright red blouse or magenta pants? Instead, flaunt your color underneath! Not everything has to be a show for others — some things you can do just because it makes you feel happy, and no one else needs to know.

4. It’s a fun way to start your day.

Life is full of enough routines (can I get an amen?). Instead of doing what you do every single morning and reach for the mundane, consider shaking things up to brighten up your morning routine. Just like picking out an outfit can make you feel confident and inspired, reaching into your bra drawer can evoke the same feeling.

5. Colors can be worn underneath almost everything!

We’re just going to come out and say it: nude and black bras are not always the most versatile pieces! Most tops can be worn with a colorful bra underneath, and no one will ever know. If you’re skeptical, consider working in even one colorful bra to your wardrobe, and see how many times in a week you can wear it under your favorite tops. We’re betting that, more often than not, you can wear it seamlessly under the outfits you’re already putting together. Try it out!

6. It’s a nice way to break up your current rotation.

Did you know? We actually suggest rotating between around seven bras to extend the lifetime of each. But, not all of them have to be basics. If you’re more comfortable with neutrals, you can easily have four or five in your rotation that are nude or black, but consider filling the last few slots with a color, even subtly. Options like our Lace Balconette in Twilight or Orchid Petal are a breezy, ultra-feminine way to add these little hints into your arsenal. They fit and feel like t-shirt bras but have those extra details that make them anything but basic.

7. Because: date night.

If there’s one occasion it’s incredibly easy to break out the color for, it’s date night! Friday night is the perfect time to rock a colorful push-up under your favorite low-cut blouse for an extra confidence boost. Go ahead — add a little color underneath. We won’t tell.

8. Colors are said to evoke different emotions.

Okay, so the science around this is fuzzy. But, it’s been said that certain colors arouse certain emotional responses and trigger different parts of your brain — so before you reach for a certain color, it’s best to understand what it sparks in you. For example, lilac is said to make you feel more creative, while green can help you feel more balanced. Instead of the double latte, maybe you just need to kick your day off with a shade of purple?

9. Bright hues are #trending.

We like to keep a close eye on the runways, and spring 2017 is all about blush, bright pink, red and primary colors. There’s never been a better (or more on-trend) time to work in some colors to your closet that you might not usually reach for.

10. Save that $$.

While we are certainly partial to a classic nude t-shirt bra or black strapless, we’re excited to have a ton of new colors for spring and summer. Consider trying out something new, like our Aqua Mint Lace Balconette Bra or Tea Rose T-shirt Bra to spice things up. Spring cleaning have you inspired to replace more than one bra? You’re in luck — our Bra Wardrobes come in sets of three and always include a pop of color. Oh, and you’ll save $$ too.