Why Does My Bra Band Ride Up in the Back?

Why Does My Bra Band Ride Up in the Back?

Our team of Fit Specialists is here to help you find bras that feel like they were made for you. We’ve worked with thousands of women to find their perfect fit, so we’re sharing some of our best advice here.

“The cups are fitting well, but my bra band curls up or rides up in the back.” One of the most common fit issues involve the band riding up. This can happen in front of the bra, causing the underwire to sit on the breast tissue rather than comfortably beneath the breast tissue, or in the back, in which the band isn't parallel to the ground.

When the band rides up the back, it's an indicator the band is too big. Without providing proper support, a band that’s too large can prompt the breast tissue to weigh down on the cups and pull the band upwards in the back. If there’s room for the band to move, it will shift and move instead of laying securely on the body.

Because the band provides 80 percent of the bra's support, it’s essential the band fits snug and comfortably on the loosest set of hooks.

How do I know I'm in the right band size?

Using the bra size chart and a few quick steps, we can determine if you’re in the right band size. Let's start by making sure we're putting on the bra correctly.

  1. Wear your current bra on the loosest set of hooks.
  2. Do the scoop and swoop method to make sure the breast tissue is fully supported by the cups.
  3. Adjust the bra straps so that they fit snug and comfortably on the shoulders. If they're too tight, loosen the straps so that they're not pulling your bra up uncomfortably and digging into your shoulder blades..

Now that you’ve done everything to ensure a proper fit, ask yourself:

  • Does the band feel too loose? Too tight? Just right?
  • Is the band riding up as I move around?
  • Another way to determine how the band is feeling is to wear the band on the tighter set of hooks to compare how the band feels on the tighter settings.

If the band feels too loose (on the loosest or tightest hook setting), we recommend sizing down to a smaller band size. If the band feels too tight (on the loosest or tightest set of hooks), we recommend sizing up in the band.

If you’re still unsure and want to discuss the fit of the bra, you can reach out to our expert  Fit Stylists who are happy to help talk you through your fit and help you find a perfectly fitting bra!