Are You Supposed to See My Nipples Through an Unlined Bra?

Woman wearing an unlined bra.

Short answer: that’s completely up to you.

What is an unlined bra?

Let’s start from the beginning by answering the question, “What is an unlined bra?” An unlined bra, by definition, is a bra made with one layer of fabric across the cups, no padding or foam included. On the other hand, a lined bra has cups with padding or foam. Both lined and unlined bras can have underwires or be wire-free. The benefits of unlined bras are primarily rooted in comfort. Because there is less fabric and bulk, you are more likely to have a design that feels lighter on your body.

That being said, when many people think of unlined bras, images of sheer fabric comes to mind. These are not unfounded impressions, but unlined bras do not have to be like that. Unlined bras come in a variety of fabrics so you can choose whether or not your nipples show. They don’t have to, but they can if you want.

One amazing driver for the unlined movement has been people wanting to be unapologetic about their breasts and embrace their natural shape. We may have adapted to the unlined trend, but when we created our unlined bras, we wanted to make bras that celebrated natural curves in a supportive manner.

All made in modern, minimalist designs and easy as wearing nothing, our most popular unlined bra styles are underwire bras with plunge cuts composed of smooth unlined cups to cater to all cup sizes and fit priorities. We offer these styles in a variety of fabrics, from sheer mesh to higher coverage double layer microfiber. Whether you’re looking for a bralette style or a full-coverage design, you’ll find an unlined bra in our collection that will make you look and feel great!

At the end of the day, our unlined collection, and any bra for that matter, should make you feel confident. To find your perfect bra style, check out our full assortment of bras.