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What Your Favorite Bra Color Says About You

Whether you know it or not, you’re constantly choosing colors: a new pair of shoes, the bouquet you bring to a broken-hearted friend, the paint in your kitchen. Even what you eat is influenced by color—researchers have found that the color of your food can affect how pleasant you think it tastes.

With color being so interwoven into our lives, we naturally got to thinking about the interplay of color, bras, and you. We chose a few of ThirdLove’s top bra colors and used color theory to connect the dots.

Here’s a look into what your favorite bra color suggests about you:

Black: The ultimate foundational color, black attracts personalities that are classic, sexy, edgy, and artistic. The best part? Everyone looks smashing in black. Try out our Lace Balconette Bra in Black for the ultimate cool-girl look.

Purple: A deep and rich purple hue, purple calls out to our romantic, mysterious, and feminine sides. Our new T-Shirt Bra in Potent Plum adds a hint of mystery that makes purple lovers everywhere swoon.

Nude: Like the tender shade of nude? It often appeals to warm and reliable types, but don’t let that fool you—it can also be the perfect cover for one’s mischievous side. Test out our Wireless Bra in Nude!

Blue: Calming. Reassuring. Peaceful. Sound familiar? Then blue is for you. Women who reach for blue anything—from blouses to shoes and beyond—are reliable and trustworthy, to say the least. Our Lace Push-Up Bra in Blue Iris is ideal for dreamers everywhere.

Fuchsia: Creative. Bold. Unique. And don’t forget powerful. Deep Orchid is the color that says “I’m the boss” in a sultry and commanding voice. Shop our Perfect Contour Plunge in Deep Orchid now to get your fix.

Mint Green: Like a breath of fresh air or a dip into tropical waters, light green aligns well with calm, thoughtful, and trustworthy personalities, while packing an invigorating punch. Our Perfect Coverage Bra in Seafoam is the ideal style for Seafoam lovers everywhere!

What’s your go-to bra color? Whether you’re sassy or shy, bookish or bold, (or a little bit of all of those) we’ve got a shade waiting to complement you.

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