Pima Cotton Is Back! Here's Why You Need It All, According to ThirdLove Employees

Pima Cotton Is Back! Here's Why You Need It All, According to ThirdLove Employees

Cotton is queen and the ThirdLove team couldn’t agree more. Since launching our Pima Cotton Collection in October, the new line has quickly become a customer and office favorite. In fact, our best-selling 24/7™ Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra sold out within just the first few weeks. And now, we’re excited to announce that it’s back in stock and newly available in Plum Perfect.

We surveyed a few of our own — including the designers — to find out why our Pima Cotton bra and underwear are absolute must-haves.


“I love the fact that it’s the exact same fit as the Classic T-Shirt Bra but with a fresh look. Because I’m an E cup, a bra with a clean finish can sometimes make me look big, but the subtle keyhole detail makes it feel more feminine. I also like the fact that I can cross it in the back.”

Clare Karunawardhane, Director of Design


“It’s soft, sleek, and seriously comfortable. This bra takes our classics to the next level in a way that feels fresh but true to ThirdLove.”

Heidi Zak, Co-Founder and Co-CEO


“It’s an everyday bra that’s special. The fabric feels really nice and the subtle shine of the band against the matte cotton surface makes it look contemporary. And I love the fit of the hipster; it’s my new go-to.”

Valerie Yurchanka, Senior Designer


“Day, night, weekday, weekend — this is the bra I gravitate to the most in my bra drawer! I love its modern lines and irresistibly soft feel. It’s the most flattering bra in my collection. It’s so versatile and gives you a great shape under everything.”

Kate Kittredge, Head of Brand Strategy