When to Buy a Nursing Bra and Bras for Every Stage of Motherhood

When to Buy a Nursing Bra and Bras for Every Stage of Motherhood

Motherhood changes you—and not just your soul, but your body, too. From pregnancy to nursing and all of the stages in between, you can expect some changes and fit issues along the way (especially with your breasts).

To help you understand what you can expect at each stage, we want to take you on a journey from bump to baby, and which bra you need every step of the way.

1. Find a comfortable bra during pregnancy.

Your breasts are one of the first things to change in pregnancy, often getting tender and increasing in size. Your rib cage will expand as your belly grows, so your band size will likely increase, too.

At this stage, try a wireless bra for soft support as your body changes throughout pregnancy.

2. During birth, rest well bra-free.

Congratulations, the baby is here! As soon as you give birth, maternal hormones signal your breasts to produce milk. It can take a few days for your milk to come in, during which your breasts will swell.

Going braless, if you can, for the first few days might be most comfortable and easy, as you and baby get acquainted.

3. Choose the right bra for nursing.

Nursing bras will be your best friend since they’ll provide the support of a regular bra while enabling you to nurse your baby with a drop down cup. You’ll notice your breasts are larger and feel full before nursing and become smaller and a bit softer afterwards. Your breasts may also leak a bit of milk, so nursing pads can help keep your clothes dry.

Wondering how many nursing bras you need?

Pro tip: Having an extra nursing bra in your rotation can come in handy, especially in case of leaks or spit-up, and when one bra is in the wash.

How do you choose the right size nursing bra?

We recommend ordering at least one cup and band size larger than your pre-pregnancy bra. For more help on finding your size, check out our Help Center.

4. Back to daily life.

After the first few weeks of nursing, you’ll start to get into a predictable pattern. Both nursing and pumping are simplified with our easy-open clasps.

Did you know? If you’re pumping, looking at a picture of your baby can help with lactation and speed up the process.

5. Finding the right bra size after nursing.

Once you stop lactating, your breasts and will likely be a different size than they were pre-pregnancy. It’s important to find a bra that fits your new size.

Since your breasts and your rib cage may have changed, make sure you’re double-checking your band size, not just your cup size. For additional help, check out How to Measure Your Bra Size the ThirdLove Way.

Shop the ThirdLove Nursing Bra Collection now to ensure you have a bra perfect for every stage of motherhood.

Additional reporting by: Emily Piskulick