Soles4Souls: How an Item Becomes an Opportunity

Soles for Souls turn shoes and clothing into opportunity.

A Soles4Souls x ThirdLove Partnership Story

Volunteers organizing bra donations from ThirdLove.

For some of us, getting dressed every day is something we take for granted. What if we couldn’t do it? What if you actually had nothing to wear, to the point where you weren’t allowed at your job or school.

Dressing for the opportunities you want, and need, is a crucial step in the set up for success — a privilege not widely granted for everyone. Soles4Souls works to give everyone the chance to succeed, utilizing donations in a way that gives people the option of a sustainably successful future.

Ludmila was born in Nezavertailovka to an impoverished family and started drinking at an early age. At 16, she became pregnant, and with no support, was facing a lifetime of poverty. With the help of Soles4Souls, Ludmila was able to receive care and a basic education at a social rehabilitation center and found a job to support her new start with her child.

An unfathomable number of people around the world are living in poverty, and worse, lack the opportunity to get themselves out of it. In the US alone, 16.8 million people are living below the poverty line. Soles4Souls recognized this problem and dedicated themselves to delivering a solution by turning clothing donations into opportunity.

How are they doing this?

Volunteers organizing donations for Soles for Souls.

First, they are giving people the basic clothing they need to qualify for the jobs and education they need. Secondly, Soles4Souls offers a micro-enterprise opportunity where recipients can resell these clothing donations to start their own business. An empowering employment opportunity, Soles4Souls paves the road for these people to create a better life for themselves.

ThirdLove is proud to work with Soles4Souls to help people make powerful life changes. If our bras could not be the perfect fit for you, we are so happy to know that they can be a major support for someone else.

To learn more about how your donations can go further, visit Soles4Souls and follow them on Instagram @soles4souls to see how you can get involved via clothing or monetary donations, or even through international volunteer opportunities.