What Are Your Bras Made Of?

Woman deciding what ThirdLove bra to wear

Our team of Fit Specialists is here to help you find bras that feel like they were made for you. We’ve helped over a million women find their perfect fit, so we’re sharing some of our best advice here.


Ask any chef and they’ll tell you that you’ll never be able to make a great meal from mediocre ingredients. Turns out the same rule applies to lingerie: to create a truly exceptional bra, you need to start with top-notch materials.

We’re choosy about every piece of our bras, from the fabric to the foam, and we think that our thoughtful design process makes a huge difference. Here are some of the expertly-selected elements that make up our super-comfortable bras (our “secret sauce,” if you will):

Memory foam cups

The ultra-thin memory foam we use in our cups is noteworthy for its ability to mold to your unique shape, yet support you all day long. Unlike other commonly used foams that are dense and bulky, ours is slim, breathable, and doesn’t give you an unnatural bubble shape.

Microfiber fabric & lace

Perhaps the most important decisions we make are about fabric, since it has to look good, feel good, and do its job well. The microfiber on our bands and cups is a very fine denier, or thickness, which gives it a super soft feel and smooth, lightweight quality. Our mesh and lace also stand out from the crowd thanks to their above-average stretchiness and supportiveness.

Never-poke underwire

No detail is spared, even down to the wire. Our underwire is enclosed in a no-fray channel, made of a special blend of fibers to maximize durability. It costs more to produce but we think that never being poked is completely worth it.

Exceptional elastic

Plush on one side and smooth on the other, our elastic is soft against your skin. It stretches with excellent resiliency and our pleated straps add an additional element of support.

Hardware that stays glamorous

Although each piece is petite, our gold alloy hardware is rack plated, meaning it won’t change color or lose its shine over time.

We could go on about the details of our bras, but as with food, the only way to really know what they’re like is to try one. We think you’ll come back for seconds.