#ThirdLoveStories: Stephanie Wong

stephanie wong thirdlove interview


As a company that’s by women, for women, we’re constantly seeking new ways to spotlight stellar females who inspire us. This series is an opportunity to celebrate the ThirdLove community and share their incredible stories.

Meet Stephanie Wong, Social Media Manager at Minted and the creator of Prep School, a wellness cooking club in San Francisco, CA that connects people through nourishing food, soulful conversation, and education.

Read on to find out how Stephanie takes care of her body, when she feels most confident, and more!

What inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

I love building community — online and offline. Even as a social media manager, I have a hate/love relationship with social media. I love how it allows you to be creative and to connect with others but I truly believe it’s all about balance and that connecting IRL is essential to living a fulfilled life.

That’s why I started Prep School. It combines two of my passions: wellness and bringing people together. Each month, I host a Prep School class featuring local nutritionists and wellness experts to lead a workshop on a variety of topics. So far we’ve done gut health, bone broth, and adaptogens. I love getting to have real conversations about our well-being in a shared space.

(Photo: Margaret Austin)

When do you feel most confident in your skin?

In the summertime when I have a little glow from the sun — in a sundress, my Birkenstocks, and minimal makeup. Although, in SF that’s not always a reality. So I’d say my I feel most like myself in my favorite Madewell pants, a great everyday t-shirt, and my some comfy white sneakers.

What were your biggest insecurities growing up and how did you overcome them?

Oh wow — SO many. I’d say one of my biggest insecurities growing up has been being half Asian and half white but not fully feeling like I belong anywhere. Growing up, I didn’t have any examples of this in the mainstream media. Luckily, the current media landscape is changing, and seeing more Asian actresses and finding podcasts that speak to what it means to be biracial has helped. I think showing a diverse range of shapes and sizes is so important in the media. Not photoshopping cellulite, stretch marks, or even freckles that are a part of being human. It shows little girls how beautiful it is to be unique.

Who or what has shaped you into the person you are today?

My mom. She used to tell me, “Don’t change a hair on your head.” And that I was perfect just the way I was. She built up my self-esteem and made me feel like anything was possible. She’s my constant cheerleader and I’m forever grateful for her.

How do you stay balanced?

It’s a constant struggle. I have a very weak immune system and my body shuts down easily when I’m doing too much. So I try to cut back on social activities, rest, go to yoga, eat well, and really put myself first. I used to think that was selfish, but I’ve come to realize I’m such a better friend, sister, daughter, and partner when my needs are taken care of. Once I’m whole, then I can be the friend I’d want by my side.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

I’d say starting Prep School has been my most recent accomplishment I’m most proud of. It can be scary to put your idea out into the world and wait for feedback. I’m really most proud of anything that puts me out of my comfort zone because in the end, it makes me stronger. It’s just getting through the fear that’s the hard part.

What impact do you want to leave on the world?

I hope to leave the world a little better than where I found it. I want to make people feel like they belong and that they matter.

Tell us your ThirdLove story.

Before ThirdLove, I mostly wore bralettes because I found regular bras too constricting. The bralettes were comfy but didn’t give me much support or shape. My ThirdLove T-Shirt Bra is the best of both worlds: insanely comfortable and also flattering under all my clothes. But more importantly, I feel confident in my TL bra without any clothes on at all.

What’s your favorite ThirdLove bra and why?

The Classic T-Shirt Bra because it pairs perfectly with the outfit I feel most confident in. It’s also the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned — I need one in every color!