#ThirdLoveStories: Aisha Daley

Aisha Daley interview ThirdLove

As a company that’s by women, for women, we’re constantly seeking new ways to spotlight stellar females who inspire us. This series is an opportunity to celebrate the ThirdLove community and share their incredible stories.

Meet Aisha Daley, a 32-year-old wedding and portrait photographer based in South Florida.

Read on to learn about Aisha’s passion, her proudest accomplishments, and more.

What inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

I love memories, since I was a little girl I enjoyed looking back at old photos of family, friends, and various events. I love that nostalgic feeling I get looking at a photo. I am also a creative, so I guess you can say I combined my two heart’s desires and it birthed my journey as a photographer.

When do you feel most confident in your skin?

Self-care, freshly washed hair (of course styled), facial treatments via face masks, and exercise. It feels good to take care of myself.

What were your biggest insecurities growing up and how did you overcome them?

My large bust and lack of curves to be completely honest.

How do you stay balanced?

Ahhh it’s hard…some days are better than others. On my not so exhausted days, I feel productive and self-care is definitely prioritized. But I’ve realized that being a mom and wife doesn’t always offer that kind of freedom. And that’s OK, too. My balance is knowing that every day might not be about me, but maybe my family, friends, business, etc. And that makes me happy, too.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

Owning my own photography business. It’s been a long journey; lots of blood, sweat, and tears. OK, maybe no blood, but definitely hard work. It has been so rewarding.

What impact do you want to leave on the world?

Love. I want people to feel like I made genuine connections and that they felt my love in action. I am inspired by Jesus’ selflessness. I desire to achieve that kind of giving heart.

Tell us your ThirdLove story.

I heard a lot of ThirdLove on Instagram, and something about the model of this company appealed to me. Having large breasts all my life has been more of a burden than a luxury for me. Finding a supportive bra that doesn’t dig into my shoulders and makes me also feel like I don’t have saggy boobs have been my goal. I’ve tried a few high-end bras, but I felt every bit of those bras, with the underwire digging into my stomach, back rolls that are created and emphasized, and oh, of course, the indents on my shoulders from years of carrying around what I’ve deemed as burdens. But I also hate bra shopping…shocker! So I liked the idea that I could try a bra and if it doesn’t work out, we could part ways. I could do all this in the comfort of my home and not have to go into a store fitting room.

I didn’t think that the bra I received from ThirdLove would be a life-changer, but when I received it I got emotional. Not only did it feel like a soft, lightweight bra, it gave such beautiful shape and the support felt amazing. All these years I thought I had to tighten my strap to get some decent support, and with this bra, it felt like a load was taken off my shoulders. I tried on a white bodycon dress and for the first time, I felt like I looked sexy. My boobs had great lift and even my husband noticed. What an amazing experience it has been thus far. I could keep going on and on because some don’t quite know the emotional journey a bra can have in the life of someone with large breasts. But I’ll end it here. Thank you, ThirdLove, for creating a life-changing undergarment.

What’s your favorite ThirdLove bra and why?

Perfect Coverage. It’s supportive, super comfortable, and I love how it gives my breasts shape under clothing.