ThirdLove x AnaOno x LBBC: Celebrating Community in Partnership

ThirdLove partners with AnaOno and Living Beyond Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month, but it’s more than just 30 days of support for us here at ThirdLove. Which is why we’ve partnered with post-surgical bra brand AnaOno and non-profit Living Beyond Breast Cancer, to celebrate the uniqueness of every boob shape and size. This partnership grew from our shared mission to offer support and help women feel confident at every stage. We’ll do a deep dive into the many ways AnaOno has redefined post-surgery bras for good. Plus, learn all about how Living Beyond Breast Cancer fills a much-needed gap of community for those affected by breast cancer.


Comfort & Confidence for All Women

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best everyday. At ThirdLove we design better bras that make you look and feel great so you can take on the world with confidence. Our friends at AnaOno feel the same and make it their mission to help women feel comfortable through it all. They design post-surgical bras that are both stitch-friendly and beautiful for those going through treatment and in recovery. So naturally, when our Founder Heidi Zak met Dana Donofree of AnaOno it was a match made in bra heaven. Together, we’ve joined forces offering support to all women on their breast cancer journey.

AnaOno’s Adaptive Post-Surgery Bras for All Shapes

AnaOno was created by CEO Dana Donofree who was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer at the age of 27. Check out our Q&A with Dana here to learn more about her experience. Their mastectomy bras are made with a super soft modal blend (gliding smoothly against stitching) that’s complimentary to limited mobility and beautiful styles you’ll love. Who are AnaOno post-surgical bras for? Anyone recovering from implant reconstruction, FLAP reconstruction, flat closure, lumpectomy, unilateral and bilateral mastectomy, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, other breast surgeries.

If you’ve felt like Dana and were unable to wear your old bras after surgery, these accommodate your new shape and look cute too. They’re also ideal for anyone who likes au natural comfort, especially those undergoing radiation treatment. AnaOno’s community of customers which include many breast cancer survivors are what make it more than just a lingerie brand.

Let’s take a closer look at two of their most popular wireless styles you can find here at ThirdLove:

The Monica Full Coverage Post-Surgery Bra has a modest neckline that masks any scarring. If you’re someone who loves the comfort of a wireless style but can’t do a pullover version then this bra uses a wide back closure. The style comes in a gorgeous Dusty Rose and an everyday must-have black. The Rora Front Closure Post-Surgery Bra has wide comfy straps and arm openings. If you’re not able to get your arms behind your back for the Monica bras back closure, the Rora gives you that padded hook and eye closure at the front.

They’re not only a fantastic brand with an ethos we can get behind, they’re a well connected voice in the breast cancer community.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer: Support in Community

It began in the late 90s with an information session for women held by a radiation oncologist with an overwhelming 1,000 attendees. The response was clear that women all over the world needed access to more than just information — they need community and a safe space just for them. Over 2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and 15% of those are metastatic breast cancer. If detected early, there’s a 93% chance of survival in the first five years. There is power in awareness and access to preventative care, which is one of the ways LBBC can help.

“My doctor saved my life. LBBC saved my soul.”

– Mary, Stage II


“Thank you all for the wonderful info and resources I’ve received as well as the grant of love to help me through this difficult time… there is hope and help to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.”

Nicole S.

Today the non-profit offers community-building events, informational sessions, counseling services and so much more on their site. In fact, their blog is rated one of the top information hubs for breast cancer in the world. For LBBC it’s more than just a place to find facts, it’s a place for those with a lived experience of breast cancer and the support they receive within the community. We chatted with the LBBC team to get the inside scoop:

ThirdLove: We love that this organization started with women gathering together to talk about their support needs. How has it grown since and how many women use the service today?

LBBC: To address the needs of the ever-expanding group of women seeking information, LBBC organized two annual conferences and produced a quarterly educational newsletter in 1991. Several years later, LBBC introduced the Breast Cancer Helpline, which provides peer support services from volunteers with a personal history of breast cancer. These interactions with LBBC empowered them to make sense of their “new normal” and provided a place to interact with others sharing this experience. LBBC still values peer to peer support and that is offered in real time through the Breast Cancer Helpline and closed Facebook communities.

ThirdLove: We love your theme for this year: Together We C.A.N. Can you talk about the origin behind this theme and how the organization is putting it to action?

LBBC: Living Beyond Breast Cancer wants people to understand that their support gives people hope. With friends, partners and donors by our side, we have been able to start new programs, grow our community, and help 600,000 people find a safe space to express their concerns and better understand their medical options. This is no easy task.

Because of you, however, we C.A.N.:

Change the conversation around breast cancer;

Assist those impacted by breast cancer to access the information they need and deserve; and

Nurture our national community.

Throughout our partnership, AnaOno and ThirdLove are proud to partner with LBBC to bring awareness and spread the organization’s message. They intend to continue on their mission to foster a community of support and make sure that people affected by breast cancer feel less alone.

Now that you’ve learned all about our partnerships, show your support and head over to Living Beyond Breast Cancer to see how you can get involved. And for those of you excited to try post-surgical bras, check them out in our shop here. Remember to spread hope and awareness about breast cancer to support those in need.