ThirdLove vs Cuup Bras: How to Choose Which Brand is Best for You

ThirdLove vs Cuup Bras: How to Choose Which Brand is Best for You

Ready to update your bra collection? There are plenty of brands to choose from when bra shopping, some of which offer high-quality products in a variety of sizes and silhouettes to suit all needs. Today, we’re going to see how the popular bra brand Cuup compares to ThirdLove.


How Do You Know Which Bra Style Fits You Best?

The most important factors in determining your ideal bra style are your breast size, breast shape, and personal preferences.

  • Breast size. Certain bra styles are more ideal for larger or smaller breasts. For example, bralettes and push-up bras tend to better suit smaller-chested women, while full-coverage and plunge bras are better for larger-chested women. Find your perfect ThirdLove bra size by visiting our online Fitting Room or getting fitted in person at one of our locations. Learn more about how a bra should fit to ensure you’re getting the right size.
  • Breast shape. Every woman’s breasts are different, and your breast shape determines which bra styles will fit you best. For example, asymmetric breasts look amazing in plunge bras and athletic breasts are a good match for bralettes. Check out our breast shape dictionary for more information.
  • Personal preferences. In the end, the bra style you like best is the best one for you. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to bras and lingerie.



ThirdLove vs. Cuup Bra: Similarities & Differences

How do ThirdLove and Cuup compare in key areas?

For starters, the two brands tend to focus on different aspects of what a bra should be. While Cuup focuses on lightweight, unlined bras that help highlight your natural shape, ThirdLove is more occasion- and solution-based. We offer a range of unlined, lined, and padded styles in a variety of silhouettes — all designed to be invisible beneath your clothing and comfortable for everyday wear.

In what other ways do they compare? Here is a brief comparison of the two brands and their offerings.


ThirdLove and Cuup offer top-rated bras at comparable prices. This means whichever brand you choose, you’re getting quality bras that will last.

Range of Types and Styles

While both of these brands offer a range of beautiful bra types and styles, giving customers many options, ThirdLove does offer a much wider range of bra styles than Cuup does. ThirdLove's offering includes several classic staples such as T-shirt, balconette, plunge, and more along with several functional styles such as minimizer, nursing, and post-surgery bras.


Cuup offers unlined bras designed to highlight your natural shape. ThirdLove’s collection includes lined, unlined, and lightly lined styles. This lets you choose your preferred level of coverage. Lined bras offer more coverage, push-up bras can give you more cleavage, and unlined bras are lightweight and show off your natural self.

Available Bra Sizes

While both ThirdLove and Cuup seek to improve the bra industry through greater inclusivity, ThirdLove offers more bra sizes than Cuup does. At ThirdLove, we have bras available in 80+ different sizes, including half cup sizes. Cuup, on the other hand, offers 53 sizes.

Bra Fabrics and Materials

These two brands use different fabrics in the creation of their bras. Most ThirdLove bras are made from a combination of nylon and spandex, with some options available in cotton or microfiber. These materials are durable, flexible, and comfortable. ThirdLove offers supportive lined and unlined bras so you can choose based on your outfit and preferences. On the other hand, Cuup offers their bras in micro modal or mesh fabrications that are lightweight and airy. Currently, they only offer unlined bras.

Sizing and Fitting Resources

Both ThirdLove and Cuup are dedicated to helping women find their perfect-fitting bra and provide free resources to help. Visit ThirdLove’s Fitting Room or Cuup’s website for tips and information on getting your ideal bra size and style.


What To Look for in Your Perfect Bra

In addition to your breast size and shape, here are some factors you should consider when shopping for a bra:

  • Bra type and style. There are numerous types and styles of bra on the market today. Each one is better suited to certain breast sizes and shapes and to different people’s personal preferences.
  • Bra fabric(s). A high-quality bra will be made from comfortable and durable materials. There are several popular bra fabrics to consider, including cotton, bamboo, lace, nylon, and spandex. While natural materials like cotton or bamboo tend to be softer and more hypoallergenic than synthetic ones, synthetic materials are often more durable and flexible for a great fit.
  • Color or pattern. What colors or patterns do you prefer in a bra? Are there any you’ve wanted to try out? We recommend choosing bras with your favorite design elements and getting a few different colors and patterns for various occasions.


Choosing the Brand that Works for You

When shopping for a new bra, it’s crucial to go with a trusted brand that offers what you’re looking for. Here are a few things to consider when choosing from the best bra brands.

  • Brand offerings. Does the brand offer the types of products you’re looking for? Not every bra brand has the same types, styles, or sizes of bra available. It’s important to choose a brand that has just what you need.
  • Online and customer reviews. A great way to gauge a brand’s trustworthiness and quality of products is reading online reviews. We recommend reading reviews on the brand website and third-party review sites.
  • Physical locations. There are numerous benefits to choosing bra brands with physical locations. For example, visiting a physical location allows you to get professionally fitted (depending on the company) and gives you more direct access to products and customer support.
  • Customer support. Before going with a bra brand, ensure it has accessible customer support options and positive feedback from customers regarding its customer service. If something goes wrong during shipping or your bra arrives defective, having solid customer support will be essential.
  • Brand reputation. How do customers and the media view this bra brand? Has the brand won any awards, ranked on any key lists, or experienced recent controversy? It’s always best to research the brand’s reputation before buying from it.
  • Price range. Of course, your personal budget will play a role in which bra brand(s) you opt for. Always aim for brands that offer the best combination of quality and affordability for your given price range. ThirdLove and Cuup bras are priced comparably.


ThirdLove or Cuup?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bra brand for your next purchase, including the brand’s offerings and reputation. ThirdLove and Cuup are two great options to consider, offering some of the best women’s bras on the market. Both offer a range of bra types and styles as well as specialized fitting guides online. If you're looking for a brand with strong expertise that offers the perfect fit every time, we urge you to try ThirdLove and never have to compromise on bra comfort or fit ever again.