Bras That Benefit: ThirdLove’s Partnership with The Unmentionables

Bras That Benefit: ThirdLove’s Partnership with The Unmentionables

Here at ThirdLove, we’re dedicated to helping women find their perfect fit because we know what an impact having an amazing bra can have on your everyday. While we aim to solve women’s fit issues, we also understand that having access to basic needs — including bras — is a fundamental part of one’s protection and dignity. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with non-profit organization The Unmentionables, which provides displaced individuals and communities around the globe with sexual and reproductive health education, services, protection, and empowerment programs.

Our Co-founder and CEO Heidi Zak recently joined its Board of Directors to support the organization's efforts on an ongoing basis.

“I admire and commend The Unmentionables for all they’ve done for women and men around the world,” Heidi said. “I’m extremely proud to be working alongside the organization’s founder Kaleigh Heard, and look forward to helping them expand their efforts to provide essential necessities to vulnerable communities.”

The Unmentionables has impacted over 55,000 people, distributed 158,000 plus products, and given 288 education sessions to date.

Millions of refugees lack access to intimate hygiene products, underwear, and sexual health products. Not only do these basic needs help reduce infections and diseases, they also increase self-worth. In what’s already a difficult situation where one is forced to leave their entire life behind, access to safe and consistent sexual education and supplies are limited.

Many underestimate the power of bras in terms of how they can protect women against sexual harassment and assault. However, refugee women have shared how wearing a bra helps deter unwanted attention that they often endure within their own camp.

According to The Unmentionables, a lack of access to bras can put refugee women at a higher risk of sexual violence. With millions of women part of ThirdLove’s community, imagine the impact we could have if we each contributed today. Donate now!