The Top 6 Bra Myths, Busted

The Top 6 Bra Myths, Busted

If you find yourself on the internet these days (and who doesn’t?), you can come across some real tall tales: 3,000 lb. shark caught in the Great Lakes. Miley Cyrus eats only almond butter and kale. Tornado carries mobile home 130 miles, residents unharmed. Wait, what? It’s a misinformation jungle out there, and we haven’t even gotten to politics yet.

It turns out that bras are steeped in some myths of their own. In this age of fake news and fact-checking, it is our duty here at ThirdLove to set the record straight on some of the most common bra myths we’ve heard.

Myth: You have one bra size and that’s it.

This is doubly wrong. First of all, your bra size can change many times throughout your life, thanks to things like hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy. Secondly, every bra size has a number of sister sizes, which are the equivalent cup volume but a different band size. So if you’re a 34C, you could also be a 36B or a 32D. Myth, busted!

Myth: Wearing a white bra under clothes means it won’t show.

Sometimes you want to show off your bra. When you don’t, choose a shade that’s close to your skin tone, like one of our Naked shades. White bras can show through both light and dark clothes.

Myth: If you have a bra that works, wear it for life.

We get it. Breaking up is hard to do. But even the best-made bra will wear out over time, causing fit issues and eventually looking pretty sad. Treat yourself to a new bra once or twice a year. You deserve it.

Myth: There’s only one “right” way to put on a bra.

There are any number of ways you can don your bra. The most common is to put your arms through the straps and then fasten the back hook, but we know lots of women who hook first, then put the straps on. Another tried and true method, especially if reaching your back is challenging, is to hook the bra in front and spin it around while it’s on your body. Once it’s on, try the scoop and swoop for that final touch.

Myth: It’s okay to toss your bra in the washing machine on laundry day.

Eek! Washing machines, and especially dryers, can wreak havoc on a bra. The best way to wash bras is by hand. It’s a little extra effort, but you’ll reap the rewards with a longer-lasting bra. And if you keep a small bottle of lingerie wash or mild detergent by the bathroom sink, you can hand wash your bra in just a few minutes after your nighttime routine. Hang it up and it’ll often be dry by morning.

Myth: In-store fittings are the best way to get measured for a bra.

We’ll be honest: We’ve ditched in-store fittings. They’re often time-consuming, awkward, and inaccurate. Our Fit Finder® quiz will get you into a perfect-fitting bra no matter where you are. The best part? You can do it in your underwear.

Have you heard any other bra myths? Need help on a bra fact-finding mission? Let us know—we’re here to help.