Save Turtles by Donating Your Old Bras

Save Turtles by Donating Your Old Bras

Who knew bras and turtles could be such a match?

Thousands of turtles are injured every year due to car and boating accidents. The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is a non-profit wildlife rescue organization that takes in these injured turtles (along with other animals) to offer them care, sanctuary and rehabilitation services. For turtles, part of this is shell repair.

An essential tool for shell repair is a bra clasp — we know, we were surprised as well. Our standard procedure for bra donations is to first examine returned or gently used bras to see if they can be worn again before donating these to women. When they can’t be, we send them to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

How It Works:

Step 1: Bra clasps are removed from the bra and grafted onto the shell.

Step 2: Shell is wired together using the bra clasps.

Step 3: Once the shell heals, clasps are safely removed and the turtle is released back into the wild.

To be totally honest, if our bras can’t go to supporting women, we’re glad they can go to supporting wildlife.

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