Katie Couric Is Ready to Make Waves

Katie Couric and ThirdLove Co-founder and Co-CEO Heidi Zak at ThirdLove's SOHO store in NYC

One of the most iconic women in media and journalism, Katie Couric was the female news anchor we relied on to stay informed on major world events. From NBC, CBS to ABC, she was one of the true trailblazers for women in media.

Today, Katie Couric has moved on from the newsroom and is using her storytelling abilities to empower change.

“I’ve always been the kind of person who is really excited about change, and loves to evolve. I thought, ‘How can I create my own content? ‘How can I build my own company?’” Katie came to the ThirdLove Concept Store to share with us how she’s trying to influence social progress, one company at a time.

“This is a time of disruption in almost every industry. Sometimes I think it’s head spinning and other times I think there couldn’t be a more exciting time.” Katie realized that now, more than ever, companies were the major players for driving social reform.

“There’s a real trend in the world right now where companies need to express their values beyond the bottom line. They want to stand for something,” Katie explained, “A couple of things are driving this trend. One is that Millennials want to feel like they are part of something that goes to a higher purpose. People want to feel like they are contributing something to the world, through their companies.”

Observing this trend, Katie saw the opportunity to leverage her journalism skills to get in on the action and be a part of this larger movement. And so, she started Katie Couric Media.

“I just decided that I wanted to be my own boss, I really love the idea of making my own choices and what I was going to cover. I have strong opinions that I couldn’t express if I were on a traditional news network. I’d have to stay totally mum about that.”

With Katie Couric Media, that’s all changed and the world can hear what really matters to Katie.

“This is a time of disruption in almost every industry. Sometimes I think it’s head spinning and other times I think there couldn’t be a more exciting time.”

“How can I work with companies that care about things like criminal justice reform, gender equality and the environment and tell stories that I care about to support them. It’s not branded content, it’s content supported by brands. This is a way I can contribute to the conversation. The content is editorially independent, but I am talking about things that really matter to me.”

Today, Katie Couric Media is composed of different news outlets that are all focused on telling the inspirational stories of different companies, groups and individuals who are doing tremendous things in, and beyond their industries. By making these stories heard, she’s hoping she can help move the needle on a number of important issues, and ThirdLove is no different.

“I am an investor in ThirdLove because I love the mission of the company I love a company that is really serving the needs of real women, instead of some kind of male fantasy.” See Katie’s interview with ThirdLove Co-founder and Co-CEO Heidi Zak below.

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