Behind the Seams of the Unlined Minimizer Bra

ThirdLove's Unlined Minimizer Bra in Taupe and matching underwear

What is a minimizer bra, you may ask? We get that question a lot.



What is a minimizer bra?

A minimizer bra is one that is designed to reduce your bust size. Women who have looked for minimizers are also familiar with minimizing strategies such as the double-sports bra or, as Christina Ricci infamously did in the film Now and Then, binding/taping their breasts. Eventually, the bra industry caught up to the innovative female mind and designed proper minimizer bras.

Per the status quo, these were often only focused on rigid fabric, which was of course, uncomfortable. The minimizer market became flooded with minimizer bras that were frumpy and unappealing, with no effort made to create a design that women would actually want to wear.

But that’s not us. We design bras with you in mind for you to feel great in, all-day long, and our Unlined Minimizer Bra is no different.

The secret to our success is a modern and minimalist design that makes the best part of this bra, you. We adapted a full coverage aesthetic with smooth compression fabric that not only minimizes your bust up to 2 inches, but also lifts, forms, and supports so you have a beautifully sleek silhouette that doesn’t look like your boobs are binded.

Finished with zero-foam and a stitch-free band, this bra adds no extra volume–just a boost of confidence!

Available in cups B–I, including half-cups, and bands 30–48, the Unlined Minimizer Bra redefines the minimizers you once knew.