How to Spring Clean Your Lingerie Drawer

How to Spring Clean Your Lingerie Drawer

Spring is in the air, so it's time for that annual ritual of rejuvenation and renewal: spring cleaning. Now, we all know the closet gets the lion's share of attention, but let's remember that little drawer of secrets-your lingerie drawer. Much like a neglected garden, a cluttered lingerie drawer can become a breeding ground for chaos - let's face it, nobody wants to wrestle with a tangled mess of underwear first thing in the morning. So, here's how to declutter your bra drawer step by step and create a haven for your most beloved intimates.


Step 1: The Lingerie Purge

First things first, it's time for the great lingerie purge. Your lingerie drawer is probably bursting at the seams. We all have that one bra with a broken underwire or panties that have seen better days. So channel your inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself, "Does it spark joy? does it fit like a dream?" If the answer is no, you need to bid it adieu.

Here's how to do it: Empty your drawer and put everything on the bed (or the floor, whichever works). Sort through, keeping anything you love and feel good in one pile and another for the items to toss or donate.


Step 2: Check the Inventory

With the purge complete, it's time to take stock of your remaining lingerie arsenal. Lay out each piece, from dainty thongs to the full coverage bras, and asses their condition. Make a note of every piece that you have in your inventory. Make sure you list everything, even if it's only a tiny bra extender or a suspender belt.

Step 3: Evaluate What is Left

Now that you have taken stock, it's time to evaluate the survivors. It is time to check if you have the essentials: comfortable everyday bras to take you through the week, a strapless bra, a sports bra, and that one special piece that makes you feel like a million bucks. Do you have a plethora of push-up bras for occasions that never seem to arise? Or perhaps you have 20 black panties but not a single nude pair.

As you sort, make note of any gaps in your collection. By grouping similar styles, you can quickly identify what you have left and what you need to purchase.


Step 4: The Clean Up

Cleaning gently is essential before you organize your prized pieces in the drawer. Give it a good wipe-down to eliminate any dust and debris that may have settled. Once your drawers are dry, how about you line them with scented paper or put them in a lavender sachet for a touch of olfactory delight? 

While at it, wash any lingerie languishing at the bottom of the drawer. 


Step 5: Organize the Drawer

Now comes the fun part—organizing! There are countless ways to arrange your lingerie, and how to organize lingerie drawers is all about what works best for you. Consider investing in drawer dividers to categorize your lingerie. Perhaps a section for your bras, where you can stack them with their cups nested inside each other, another for special occasions, and a third for your panties? Or you could organize them into categories of similar style. Whichever method you choose, the possibilities are endless.

Step 6: Treat Yourself to New Lingerie

After all that hard work, you deserve a reward! There's nothing quite like the confidence boost of wearing new lingerie. Treat yourself to a few new pieces after taking stock of what is lacking. It's the perfect time to renew your intimate wardrobe. 

At ThirdLove, we believe in finding the perfect fit for everybody. Explore our vast collection of women’s bras and undies and treat yourself to a piece (or two). Maybe even take a plunge and gift yourself some sexy lace underwear. It is an investment in yourself; you deserve to feel comfortable and confident daily.


Our Tips on Lingerie Maintenance

Now that you know how to spring clean your lingerie drawers, it is essential to ensure your lingerie remains pristine. Here are a few tips:

  • Rotate your pieces regularly to prevent excessive wear and tear on some pieces.
  • Hand wash whenever possible. It is more gentle on delicate fabrics, and it helps maintain elasticity. 
  • If you're using a washing machine, use a lingerie bag. This will help protect your pieces from getting snagged or stretched.
  • Air dry your lingerie as the heat from dryers can damage delicate fabrics and elastic.
  • Finally, store your bras in their natural shape and avoid folding the cups.

Spring cleaning your lingerie drawer might seem daunting, but it can be a rewarding experience with some effort and organization. Following these simple steps, you'll cultivate a sense of order in your intimate drawers and maintain and enjoy every piece you own.