The Pima Cotton Wireless Bra

Women modeling ThirdLove's Pima Cotton Wireless Bras in a light pink color.

How we kept the support, but lost the underwire.

We talk to a lot of women about bras, and we mean A LOT. Friends, family, co-workers, designers, fit models, and even strangers on the street. Bras and breasts are always top of mind and we have our ear to the ground to deliver designs that our customers are looking for.

Every woman we talk to has one thing in common: they are amazing multi-taskers and busy as f***. They are on the move with their hands always full, and can’t take another item on their ever-growing to-do list. For the non-stop days, women told us that they usually opt for a wireless bra.

When we asked why, most of them responded that they felt like a wireless bra was a more movement-friendly design that held them in completely and minimized their adjustments throughout the day.

We saw the current wireless bras on the market and, naturally, we thought, “Let’s do this, but make it better.”

ThirdLove's Pima Cotton Wireless Bras in white, pink, and black.
ThirdLove’s Pima Cotton Wireless Bras (from top to bottom) Black, Ballet, and Sea Salt.

Wireless bras with support.

Introducing, the Pima Cotton Wireless. We looked at all the factors that go into making a wireless bra truly comfortably, effortlessly stylish, and most importantly, supportive to create a cotton wireless bra that eliminated discomfort.

The Pima Cotton Wireless is a zero wire design for a zero-stress fit. We made the conscious choice of Pima Cotton fabric to make this bra soft and breathable. We’ve used our signature, smoothing memory foam to create molded cups with built-in support starting from the bottom to hold you in and keep you elevated. Finished with a subtle v-neckline, the Pima Cotton Wireless is a beautifully-simplistic design that goes with any outfit.

Wireless not your thing, but looking for breathability? We have a full Pima Cotton Collection with underwire bra options as well as underwear for you to choose from.

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