8 Wellness Tips To Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Woman holding holiday wreath in a minimal room

The holidays are officially here! We may have been secretly celebrating in October with the arrival of the Starbucks holiday cups, but now we’re not being shy about our love for all things December! Holiday tunes on repeat and Love Actually playing for the first (okay, second) time.

While we bliss out over the holidays, we also believe it’s important to take care of ourselves during this hectic time. With what can seem like endless festivities all the way through New Year’s Eve, our routines are often thrown off, and our wellness routines fall to the wayside

To help us all stay balanced during holiday travel and soirées, here are our favorite, simple wellness tips:

It’s Okay to Say No

There’s a lot of pressure to say yes to everything during the holidays. So many parties, so little time. Let yourself say no if it doesn’t feel right. You know your limits when it comes to commitments, so use the mantra, ‘I can say no’ when it gets too overwhelming (hey, it’s totally acceptable to stay home in your ThirdLove Lounge set).

Amp up the H2O

Between the holiday cocktails, delicious treats, colder weather, and more than average travel, your body likely needs a little more water than usual. Stay hydrated by always having a bottle of water nearby or a cup of warm tea.

Apply the 80/20 Rule

This is an easy ratio to follow when thinking about your nutrition. Are you eating nourishing foods 80% of the time? Are you indulging 20% of the time? When it starts to feel more like 70/30 or 60/40 you know your body might need a few more nutrients.

Keep Up A Mindfulness Practice

Your mind is likely full with plenty of to-do lists (and gift lists—check out ours) this time of year, so be intentional about taking a few minutes of ‘me time’ every day as part of your mindfulness practice. This could be a few minutes of breathing, a quick walk, or some light stretching before bed.

Focus On The Little Things

Let’s be honest, the holidays can come and go in an instant We blink and they’re gone. So, everyday try to focus on something you’re grateful for… the way your tree sparkles at night, the look on your mom’s face when she opens your gift, the warm cup of hot chocolate you’re treating yourself to. Slow down. Soak it in.

Squeeze in Exercise

If this time of year seems impossible to fit in your regular workouts, try sneaking exercise into your normal daily routine. This could be walking in the airport terminal while you wait for your flight, taking the stairs instead of the elevator all month long, or strolling on your lunch break instead of sitting down.

Utilize the Calendar

If there was ever a month we believe in keeping a detailed calendar, it’s December. Staying organized with our schedules keeps us calm and gives us peace of mind. It also helps us manage commitments and priorities.

Plan Ahead

If you find yourself traveling more than usual during the holidays, we believe planning ahead with healthy travel snacks goes a long way. If there’s a long road trip or flight in your future, stock up on portable travel snacks like hummus and carrots, healthy bars, and lots of water!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy holiday season!

Additional Reporting by Gina Martini