Top Reasons You Should Start Wearing Cotton Undergarments

Top Reasons You Should Start Wearing Cotton Undergarments

When it comes to bra shopping, many things come into play – fit, support, comfort. When it comes to those with sensitive skin, however, fabric is usually where it all begins. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, cotton is a popular fabric for its versatility and breathability, making it a fantastic choice for your first layer. Keep reading to find out why you should buy a cotton bra…


What to Look for in Cotton Undergarments

Cotton is an extremely popular fabric; however, there is definitely some “bad” cotton out there. When shopping for your next cotton set, be sure you’re investing in a higher quality fabric to ensure less pilling & peak softness. Organic cotton is an amazing choice when looking for high-quality cotton – and it’s a great sustainable option, too!

Aside from the quality of fabric, cotton undergarments should have the same expectations as any other bra or undie on the market. Be sure to keep the fit, support, and comfort in mind when shopping. While being hypoallergenic is a huge plus, especially for those with sensitive skin, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on long-lasting support and style – you deserve the best of both worlds!

Benefits of Wearing Cotton Bras & Underwear

Wearing cotton bras and undies is not only great for those with irritation-prone skin types, but for those annoyed by dreaded underboob sweat and want to stay comfy all day long as well. Compared to synthetic fibers – such as polyester, rayon, acrylic, and more – cotton allows air to circulate more freely, giving it moisture-wicking properties, making it cool and not clingy. Along with these benefits, cotton is also a great option for those who want to make a positive environmental impact. It’s been found that cotton production reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 46% and reduces waterway pollution by 26%.


Why Cotton is the Best Fabric for Summertime

Like mentioned above, due to its breathability and moisture-wicking benefits, cotton is the best fabric for summertime bras. Cotton bras also come in a wide array of styles. Whether wearing it under a breezy top or dress, or maybe simply on its own, cotton bras are the best option in staying cool in not-so-cool weather.

Excessive underboob sweat and itchy skin are common ailments of the hotter months, however, aren’t exclusive to summer. Be sure to stay comfortable and confident in every season with the help of a quality cotton bra.


Experience the Pure Comfort of Organic Cloud Cotton

Now that we have a little insight into the beauty of cotton, let’s dive into the cotton undergarments of your dreams. ThirdLove is introducing Organic Cloud Cotton, a premium organic cotton blend designed to stay soft and breathable, naturally.

With just-right stretch and irritation-free construction, Organic Cloud Cotton is loved by both sensitive skin and Mother Nature. Check out both the bra and undie styles to ensure maximum comfort for both your boobs and bum.


Cotton Underwear Styles at ThirdLove

Organic Cloud Cotton comes in all essential styles – hipster, thong, and brief – and won’t irritate your sensitive skin. The 100% cotton gusset will also wick away any unwanted moisture or odor, making you feel fresh and comfy all day long.

Just-right stretch and natural softness equals the perfect pair of everyday underwear.

Cotton Bra Fit

We’ve said it many times, but we’ll gladly say it again – cotton is the breathable bra fabric. While not all cotton bras are created equal, the Organic Cloud Cotton Bra combines sustainable, premium cotton blend and irritation-free construction to create the bra of your dreams.

We’ve included all the things our already-loved styles have – ultra-thin memory foam cups, no-slip adjustable straps, etc. – but with the Mother Nature-approved fabric that your sensitive skin will love.

Many organic cotton bras stretch out and worsen with every wash, but ThirdLove’s Organic Cloud Cotton will stretch yet recover, while keeping its softness with every wear (& wash).


ThirdLove's Organic Cloud Cotton

If you’re ever doubting which fabric should make up your first layer, organic cotton is easily the best choice. Whether you’re shopping to alleviate sensitive skin issues or looking for something that is more environmentally conscious (or both!), cotton bras and undies are great additions to your wardrobe.

At ThirdLove, we’re always keeping your body in mind. We know that most bras don’t cut it, so that’s why we decided to make better ones. All of our bras, including beloved cotton styles, are made with premium fabrics and luxe details that provide the support you need while having the comfort (& style) you crave. Be sure to shop all our available styles and shades to make sure you never go without a great bra – because your boobs deserve the best.

If you’re unsure of the size or style that will suit your body best, be sure to take our Fitting Room Quiz. You’ll get your size and styles curated by our very own bra experts, so you can walk away knowing you have an amazing bra for your beautiful body.