78 Sizes. One Perfect Fit.

78 Sizes. One Perfect Fit.

When I started ThirdLove, I set out to create a brand that all women could rely on. So with a promise like “Bras and underwear for every body” comes a responsibility to uphold it. It’s not an empty tagline that we preach because it sounds nice; it’s a way for us to hold ourselves accountable. It also means that our work is never done.

At ThirdLove, inclusivity isn’t a box we check off or a task to complete. Inclusivity is an ongoing process, a promise we intend to keep. That’s why it wasn’t enough for us to launch 24 new bra sizes in 2018. I’m proud to announce that starting today, women now have a true range of choices.

From 30 to 48, AA to I 

To all the women who’ve felt overlooked by the bra industry, we’ve introduced five new styles in more sizes, for 78 in total, to say that we see you. Our most-loved styles, from our 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra to our 24/7™ Lace Balconette, can now be loved by even more women. Our smallest band sizes now start at size 30 and run up to size 48. Our cups now range from AA up to I, and include our signature half-cup sizes wherever we see there is a need.

Designing for Inclusivity

Creating over 78 sizes of bras required a massive design effort; one that I’m incredibly proud of. Bras, which are already technically complex garments, can’t simply be scaled up and down to create new sizes. Instead, the entire garment, for each and every size, has to be rethought and redesigned: the hardware, the stitching, the bonding — everything.

To create the most comfortable and high-quality products, our team invested an enormous amount of time and energy to make sure every detail is perfect. Hundreds of women wear test our designs for every new size we create, helping us optimize the fit and feel until they’re ready for you.

And this is only the beginning. By the end of 2019, we plan to offer 78 bra sizes in at least 20 different styles and even more colors. Because you deserve options.