Tear Drop

Round, but slightly less full at the top. A wide variety of styles will suit your shape, but for more fullness up top, try a balconette style.
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ThirdLove’s Bras for Tear Drop Breast Shapes

At ThirdLove, we understand the importance of a well-fitting bra and have designed a wide range of silhouettes and styles to support and lift all breast shapes and sizes! All women have differently shaped breasts, and this collection of bras curated for tear-drop breasts will provide them with all-day comfort and support.

What Is a Tear Drop Breast Shape?

Tear drop breasts, as the name suggests, are rounder at the bottom with a narrow top. This breast shape requires extra lift and support to avoid the cup gaping at the top. At ThirdLove, we have developed the best bras for tear drop shape breasts- classic strapless bras, t-shirt bras, or lacy balconette bras.