Meet Our New Partners: The SF LGBT Center

Meet Our New Partners: The SF LGBT Center

As a San Francisco-based company, we strive to support our local community in impactful ways beyond donations of new bras and undies. We’re excited to kick off Pride Month with our new partners at the SF LGBT Center. Their non-profit provides robust programming, including financial and employment resources, small business support, and youth drop-in services. 

To learn more about the Center and its impact on our community, we chatted with Ruby Barrenechea, their Bilingual Community Programs Specialist.



What is your name? What are your pronouns? 

My name is Ruby Barrenechea. I use all pronouns; whatever comes naturally to you, I’ll accept. 


What is your role at the SF LGBT Center? Why did you choose to get involved? 

I currently hold the title of Bilingual Community Programs Specialist, which means I hold space for our Spanish-speaking community members in their native language. 

I wanted to join a non-profit team that empowers the LGBTQ+ community, and the SF LGBT Center was one of my top choices. Many years ago, I was in a difficult relationship, and the Center served as my refuge. The Center held space for me to relax, access resources, and, most importantly, regain confidence and rebuild my self-esteem. I, like many community members, owe the Center a great debt.


What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Having a fantastic Community Programs team has been incredibly rewarding. This team checks in about your well-being daily, steps in when they see that you are having a difficult time and need to step back and do some self-care, and goes out of their way to set you up for success. It's been the best team I have ever worked with. 

Aside from that, connecting with our community, addressing their needs, and bringing those needs to them is the best feeling in the world. Watching each community member smile and tell their story as their authentic self has been incredibly special to me. Just holding space for people to be themselves is a power tool. 


What is the most impactful program at the SF LGBT Center? If you could highlight one program to educate the ThirdLove community on, what would it be?

Working in the Community Programs department, we are often the focal point or start of a community member's journey at the Center. Community Programs is where people can get information and referrals to the Center's other programs. If folks come in hungry, we have snacks from our small food pantry. We also have clothing and essentials available from our supply closet. We have a variety of events that focus on well-being that are free to everyone.  

Our Youth Services department is also a very impactful program that helps our most vulnerable community members, our youth. Being queer can be challenging to navigate when you are in a transitional age. Youth Services provides crucial support for our youth, respecting their agency and allowing them the space to develop their authentic self in a supported and judgment-free environment. 


We noticed wired bras and underwear are top donation requests for the Center. As an intimates brand, we recognize the difference a bra or underwear can make. Beyond providing essential undergarments, what is the impact or importance of these particular pieces?

For our trans community members, these donations are not just undergarments; they empower folks to be who they are, help people fight body dysphoria, give them confidence, and improve their self-esteem. It also provides community members a morale boost that organizations like ThirdLove see the trans community and support them on their journey by being willing to challenge the social norm and say, in a way, "Our underwear has no boundaries."


What’s one thing the ThirdLove community can do to help the SF LGBT Center during Pride Month?

For us and our community, Pride is an all-year, 24/7 experience. We encourage everyone to support us by volunteering during events or volunteering their expertise. Also, getting the word out to connect people to our services is our top priority, and word of mouth is powerful. For example, you can inform folks about our excellent Center programs, like Yoga with Ki or our upcoming Spiritual Martial Arts event. We are also working on a Fluidity in Fashion Show event launching in the Fall. Lastly, helping us connect with other organizations willing to work with us can also make a huge difference!


Beyond June, how can the ThirdLove community best support the SF LGBT Center throughout the year?

Honestly, our organization is dealing with turbulent times ahead. Funding is an ongoing challenge. In our fabulous queer community, we've always found strength in numbers and in counting on our allies. I have a recurring donation to the Center for $100 monthly. Whatever recurring donation the ThirdLove community can make would be a fantastic gift to our community. You can also have fun by organizing a fundraising event with your friends and family supporting the SF LGBT Center. I love fundraising events because they help our organization, but they also bring people together, and at the end of the day, bringing people together accomplishes so much!

To learn more about how you can support the SF LGBT Center, please visit