Why Do I Keep Getting Wedgies?

Why Do I Keep Getting Wedgies?

We've all been there - that uncomfortable feeling when your underwear decides to become one with your, well, everything else. It can be a real mood killer; honestly, it's just annoying. You are not alone if you've ever found yourself constantly adjusting your undergarments throughout the day. Thankfully, ThirdLove is here to help you understand how to prevent wedgies for good. Let's explore the common causes and the best underwear to stop wedgies from happening.


What are Wedgies?

Just a quick refresher (or maybe an introduction for some): a wedgie happens when your underwear rides up and becomes uncomfortably lodged between your buttocks or in your groin area. It can range from a mild annoyance to a full-on public wardrobe malfunction. Whether working out at the gym or just lounging at home, dealing with wedgies is never fun. Understanding what causes wedgies is the first step in finding a solution.

Common Causes of Wedgies

Several factors can contribute to wedgies, but it depends on your underwear's quality, fit, and design. Ill-fitting underwear is a primary culprit. Underwear that is small increases the possibility of getting a wedgie since the fabric is not enough to stay put during movement. On the other hand, underwear that's too big can easily bunch up and enter all the wrong places.

Some fabrics are also more prone to wedgies than others. Poor-quality materials that don't stretch and move with you will often cause a wedgie. Additionally, certain underwear styles may cause wedgies more than others. Thongs, for example, can get caught easily. Finally, some activities like bending or squatting can increase the likelihood of a wedgie. 


How to Prevent Wedgies

Here are some of our top tips to avoid wedgies.

  • Choosing the right size and style of underwear.
    Get yourself properly fitted for underwear. This may not sound like much, but a good fit will change your underwear experience. Measure your waist and hips and refer to a size chart for the accurate size.

  • Opting for seamless and no-show underwear.
    Seamless and no-show underwear are designed to stay in place. Their smooth edges lie flat against your skin, minimizing friction and movement. This makes them an excellent choice for those looking to avoid wedgies.

  • Consider fabric breathability and stretchiness.
    Fabric plays a crucial role in preventing wedgies. Breathable fabrics like cotton, microfiber, and spandex blends allow for better movement and reduce the chances of moisture buildup and your underwear bunching up to cause a wedgie. 


Best Underwear Styles to Avoid Getting Wedgies

At ThirdLove, we understand the importance of comfortable, wedgie-free underwear. Our underwear styles are designed to keep you confident and wedgie-free all day. Here are some great styles that you can try.

Organic Cloud Cotton Brief

This comfy Organic Cloud Cotton Brief is a lifesaver. They are made from premium organic cotton with the perfect amount of stretch. It provides a soft, naturally breathable, and smooth fit. These high-rise briefs have full coverage, meaning they stay in place, making them one of the best underwear to stop wedgies. No matter what you are doing, these briefs provide reliable comfort all day.

ComfortStretch Bikini

For those who prefer a bikini style, this ComfortStretch Bikini is an excellent style. It provides good coverage without feeling restrictive, and the stretchy fabric eliminates any potential wedgie woes. What's more, you can get these underwear styles in different cuts; whether a thong is your cup of tea or you fancy a hipster, we have just the piece for you.

There you have it—the wisdom of how to fix a wedgie. With the proper knowledge and the perfect pair of underwear, wedgies can be a thing of the past.