Unlined: No Foam, All Freedom

Unlined: No Foam, All Freedom

Sure, we’re known for our memory foam bras. But that doesn’t mean we can’t step outside our, ahem, comfort zone and create something new, different…and highly requested. (Your wish is our command.)

Introducing Unlined.

The new collection ditches the foam for semi-sheer, airy cups, incredible fits, and luxe fabrics that add up to your new favorite unlined bras.

Available in sizes 32-42 C-G, including half cups.

The Unlined Modern Mesh is sporty with silky smooth geometric mesh and tonal trim along the neckline and underarm, while the Unlined Foliage has an ethereal vibe with mesh-lined lace that’s light and soft but still supportive.

Left side of the image illustrates semi-sheer nature of unlined Foliage lace bra cupl, blue lace with tan skin peeking through; right side of image shows the same bra on-body to include matching underwear.
Available in sizes 32-42 B-G, including half cups.

You can’t go wrong with either, and you’re sure to fall for both. We did.