Top Drawer Confessions with Michel Janse

Top Drawer Confessions with Michel Janse

Bras with sentimental value? Yep, that’s a thing.

We asked actress and YouTuber Michel Janse to walk us through the intimate secrets of her Top Drawer. From a hot pink raquet-ball, to a bra that reminds her how much she loves her…well, current bra, Michel gives us all the details.


 Currently, what’s in your top drawer? Walk us through it.

My top drawer is split into two. The left side is a huge pile of undies and a few random items like hair-scarves and a racquet ball (weird, I know). The right side is pretty organized because it is just bras, but I am definitely holding onto some things that I should let go.


Do you have a go-to pair of underwear? A go-to bra? Tell us about them!

My fav undies are any thong that has that kind of nylon/spandex vibe. I forget they’re there which is the goal! I love the ThirdLove Comfort Stretch Thong. I feel like you can never see panty lines. Choosing a favorite bra is HARD, but the one I reach for most often (and have in a few colors) is the 24/7™ Classic Uplift Plunge Bra. I feel like the shape of it really keeps the girls covered–sometimes things slip out when I’m lying on my side, but not with this cut! I also think it works with so many diverse necklines and adds the perfect little lift without being overwhelming.


 What’s the most embarrassing item in your top drawer? Is there a story behind it? Tell us more!

Well, the racquet ball is definitely weird, but it’s hard to embarrass me. I’d maybe say the fact that I have the 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra 3 cup sizes too small from YEARS ago and the EXACT same bra in my actual size is pretty embarrassing. I literally have the same bra in two very different sizes and can’t bring myself to get rid of my prepubescent sized bra because I loved it so much. It really is the BEST strapless bra ever.


What’s your favorite item in your top drawer? Is there a story behind it? Tell us more!

Well, out of the unconventional items I do really love my hair scarves. I am a typical LA story where I am an actress and do freelance content creator stuff BUT I also have a night job at a restaurant (hopefully not for much longer). I wear a hair scarf to work every day because it is so easy to feel not like yourself in a boxy uniform waiting tables. Throwing on one of the scarves reminds me that I have a style, personality & I actually feel ~cute~ at my job.


What’s the oldest item in your top drawer? Where did it come from? Why do you still have it?

I definitely have some underwire free bras (like training bra style) from about 4 years ago. I tell myself they’re comfortable. That’s a lie. They’re so old and I never wear them. Bye bye!


What’s your latest add to your top drawer? Why did you decide to get it?

I recently got the 24/7™ Pima Cotton Plunge Bra since it looked like a similar cut to my favorite 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge bra. I LOVE IT! The material is really soft and the cute little cutout detail in the front is so subtly adorable. The fit is perfect too! I feel like it is a great amount of coverage.


Do you have any sentimental keepsakes in your top drawer? If so, what are they and do they have a story you can share?

I have a separate box for all of my sentimental items thankfully 🙂


If you could recommend one top drawer essential, what would it be?

Hm, that is a great question. Probably a bra and undie set that is similar to your skin tone! Some materials can be sheer enough to even show light colored bras through on me, so I am glad I have a set that blends into my coloring. Now nobody can really tell that my semi-sheer shirts are… well, semi-sheer!